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Why Drones Are the Best Choice For Solar Panel Inspections

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Why Drones Are the Best Choice For Solar Panel Inspections

Inspecting solar panels is dangerous work in most situations. Being up on a roof and trying to get a good look at the panels can put staff members in dangerous positions. Instead, why not send a solar panel inspection drone to do it? It’s safer for everyone involved and you can get better results. Here is why drones are the best choice for solar panel inspections.

No One Goes On The Roof

Most of the time, there is no need to send someone up on a roof to inspect the solar panels. Once they have been properly installed, they are not going to be going anywhere. The only time you will be needing to inspect them is when something has gone wrong.

A drone is a safe way of checking the solar panels without putting anyone in harm’s way. It can get a lot closer to the panels than a ladder and it’s faster too. 

In residential settings, panel inspection can be even more dangerous. Solar panels can fill the entire side of a roof and take away any space for a person to climb on the roof or anchor on for safety. A drone does not need to land or anchor to the roof. It just flies up, takes a look, and comes back down without putting any staff members at risk. 

Easily Take Pictures

A drone is a great option for taking pictures of the solar panels. While having a person on the roof means you can take pictures, drones can do it with fewer problems. You won’t have to find an angle where the drone doesn’t block the light for the picture since it can take it from a far distance away. 

You can also take pictures from multiple angles, which helps identify cracks and other problems. This will let you see exactly how they are installed and check that they are all working properly.

The quality of the pictures that you get depends on the drone and camera combination that you pick. However, most drones are equipped with high-quality cameras that can take pictures and video in high-definition. 

The data can be stored onboard or transmitted back to a control station for processing, giving you instant access to the information that you need. You can even do an inspection from a live video feed for a client in another location. 

Scan With Different Types of Scanners

If you are going to be using drones for inspecting your solar panels, you will want one that is good with scanners. There are many options that you can choose from including thermal, night vision, and visual scanners. Having access to multiple options means that you can check for problems in new ways.

For example, checking solar panels with a thermal sensor lets you see hot spots or cold spots that show there may be a problem in that area. That same thermal scanner may also help you check the support system for the panels, which may be hard to see with any other sensor. 

Can Your Company Use Drones For Solar Panel Inspections

Yes, your company can use drones for solar panel inspections. The process of implementing a drone into your operations is not difficult, although you must be sure that you do it right. Get help from a company that knows what it is doing and has helped many businesses find ways to put drones to use. Call NOAR Technologies at (248) 906-2375 to discuss the drone, scanner, software, and training your company needs to make drone inspections a reality.

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