What Are the Most Common Reasons for Getting a CT Scan?

Ravin Sharma

Computerized axial tomography (CAT) scans, commonly known as Computerized tomography (CT) scans, are imaging procedures that capture two-dimensional scans of the required section of the body. These scans use X-rays to take the information and then combine it to produce a comprehensive representation of the structures inside the body. So do you know the reason why doctors prescribe the CT scan test? That’s what we will be discussing further in this post.

Examining small bones

The bones present in the hand and feet are extremely small. So injuries in these bones may not be clearly visible in X-rays alone that’s why physicians suggest CT scans to get crystal clear images that can assist in surgical repairs as well.

Diagnosis and treatment of tumor

The first step of beginning the surgery of the tumor is a CT scan. It helps the surgeons to get more information about the size as well as the location of the tumor. Consequently, they perform procedures such as biopsies much more efficiently. It also helps surgeons and doctors to determine how much the tumor has affected the surrounding tissues to improve the surgical outcomes. Furthermore, a CT scan helps in determining the efficiency of chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

Examining head/brain issues or injuries

A CT scan of the head provides clear images of the brain which help to evaluate head injuries, severe and chronic headaches, persistent dizziness, bleeding, stroke, and brain tumors. CT scan of the head is also prescribed by doctors to evaluate soft tissues and bone damage after a facial injury, plan for surgical procedures, diagnose issues with the temporal bone that can cause hearing problems, guide the needle for a biopsy, etc.

Diagnose spinal issues as well as chronic pain

Chronic back pain and injuries are among the top reasons for getting a CT scan. Furthermore, doctors also recommend a spinal CT scan in order to evaluate spinal fractures, determine the condition of the spine pre and post-surgery, identify the cause of spinal pain, and measure bone density to anticipate the chances of fractures for those having osteoporosis.

Getting images when MRI is not an option

MRI and CT scans are a bit similar however there are scenarios when MRI cannot be a good choice. So in such cases, physicians suggest a CT scan test. In case you have a condition in which you cannot lie still for a considerable amount of time, a CT scan test can produce much better and more accurate images in a comparatively short span.

We hope that the above post has helped you to understand the most common reasons for getting a Head CT scan test in Delhi. If you want to learn more about the CT scan, feel free to get in touch with the experts.

Ravin Sharma
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