Numerology May Be Your Best Guide in Life


Numerology, the science of understanding the world of majestic numbers! Have you ever noticed that whatever you do in life is surrounded by numbers? You can’t perform daily tasks without making use of the numbers. Numerology is amazing to know that each number carries both quantitative and qualitative values. Each number has a specific trait that affects your life in a good or bad manner. Why were you born on a specific date? Not a day prior or later. This is because your birth date is something very special!

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Your birth date and year didn’t come to you coincidentally rather, it was decided by your destiny. Just like its twin sister Astrology, Numerology may also give insightful indications about a person’s life. Numerology may serve as the best guide in your life. It processes important numbers related to your life to understand the miseries or problems in your life, and through numbers, only one gets the most effective solution to their problems!

Your Birth Date is your path of life.

The date on which a person is born is very important as it contains valuable information about a person's personality, character, relations, strengths, and weaknesses. In Numerology, every number contains certain specifications, just like the planets in Astrology. Now, a numerologist analyzes these numbers to understand what is happening or what will happen in your life?

There are various important numbers like life path number, destiny number, master number, personality number, etc. the most important numbers are those written in your birth date. The simplest approach towards numerology involves analyzing your unique date of birth. Numerology revolves around the root number. To get this, one simply has to reduce the digits to reach a single-digit number, excluding repetition of numbers like 11, 22, etc. these are called Master Numbers and carry immense energy to bring the desired results. The single-digit so obtained is called the Life Path Number. E.g. someone born on 23/7/1983 will get a life path number as (2+3= 5) (7) (1+9+8+3=21=2+1=3) = 5+7+3=15= 1+5= 6. So, the life path number is 6. Every life path number has certain specifications in numerology. The person connects to the qualities or traits as depicted by the life path number of a person.

The Life Path Number/ is somewhat similar to the Sun Sign in Astrology. The life path number reveals one’s identity, character, strengths, weaknesses, aspirations, talents, and ambitions. Life Path Number explains everything about a person giving valuable insights into the past, present, and future. Numerology is a sacred system of identifying important information about a person. The system goes back thousands of years back to prove its efficacy and usefulness. In Numerology, the life path number and destiny numbers considered the most important amongst basic numerology principles, can be calculated very easily. One may conveniently use the numerology calculator to know all important numbers as mentioned in Numerology.

How do you calculate your Destiny Number?

Not just the numbers but alphabets also carry some quantitative and qualitative values. Numerology principles are used to derive the root number of various names or words. These have been specified as per the principles quoted by mathematician Pythagoras. According to his ideologies, all letters have specific numerical values mentioned below:

1 = A, S, J

2 = B, T, K

3 = C, U, L

4 = D, V, M

5 = E, W, N

6 = F, X, O

7 = G, Y, P

8 = H, Z, Q

9 = R, I

Using these associated values, it's simple to find the root number hidden in names. This is what numerologists refer to as a Destiny Number. To find a Destiny Number, one has to calculate the root number of one’s full name (first, middle, last) by reducing each term into a single digit and then summing them up.

For example, someone’s full name reveals the Destiny Number: SAPNA (1 + 1 + 7 + 5 + 1 = 15, which becomes 1 + 5 = 6) JAIN (1 + 1 + 9 + 5 = 16, which becomes 1 + 6 = 7), resulting in a Destiny Number of 4 (because 6 + 7 = 13= 1+3=4).

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The Life Path number shows everything significant to your personality and traits; your Destiny Number offers information as to how a person will reach their goals in life. How will they behave towards achieving the desired goals in life? So, with a destiny number as 4, the person is hardworking, practical, determined, and linked to the roots. The Personality Number is another significant number that gives information about many aspects of life. Knowing the personality number helps the native succeed in life through knowing their strengths and weaknesses. The Personality Number is essential as it helps individuals understand their true selves and how the world perceives them.

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