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Is “HR Department” Outdated or is “People Operations” Just the Latest Trend?

Abhi kokitkar
Is “HR Department” Outdated or is “People Operations” Just the Latest Trend?

HR is dead.

For roughly two years I’ve been charged with writing expert content for our loyal “HR” readers. For roughly two years I’ve argued that “HR manager” is absolutely the wrong word. 

When this post came up on the roster, I begged our head of marketing to let me have it. Little did he know that he was about to play the part of Pandora. 

Make no mistake: HR, People Ops, what people think, and what those departments do are very dramatic debates with intense arguments from every side (and then some). Naturally, I intend to do a reverse somersault in pike position from 10 meters. 

(Apparently, that’s a difficult dive according to… diving people. 🤷)

While I’m certainly no diving expert, I am a bit of a maestro when it comes to rigorous research routines so you can bet I intend to make a splash:

There’s the age-old argument that a rose by any other name would smell the same. If you told someone a rose would eat their face if they got too close, though, they’d probably be a whole less likely to find out. 

I’m not saying HR departments actually eat faces, but…

Let’s talk about names, though. Take content writer and copywriter. Do they do the same job? 

If you’re not a content writer, you’d probably say sure. Deep down, a copywriter would know it isn’t true, but they wouldn’t be able to admit it to themselves. 

Kidding. You’ll see my point.

According to Don Dodds from M16 Marketing, content writing is about education and entertainment while copywriting is about advertising. Far be it from me to question the founder of a marketing agency (last time I did that it did not go well), but the line between content and copywriting is actually pretty blurry to non-existent.

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Abhi kokitkar
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