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What You Need To Know About Using UV Light With AC

What You Need To Know About Using UV Light With AC

When searching for reliable companies for AC installation in Parker, you may be asked if you want your system to have UV lights. This may sound odd if you are unaware of the sanitary benefits of ultraviolet lights.

Ultraviolet lights are used in the heating and cooling systems at hospitals and other establishments to reduce and prevent harmful microorganisms from circulating in the air.

Despite this benefit, some feel reluctant to use UV lamps because of the cost and the ozone they may produce.

Here’s what you need to know before deciding for or against installing UV lamps in your air conditioning.

How Does the UVGI System Work?

Ultraviolet lights used in HVAC are called ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) systems. It uses the UV-C spectrum (280 to 200 nm), which is the most effective for killing germs by destroying the nucleic acids in them.

The microorganisms that survive are unable to reproduce due to the damaged DNA. But the light is only effective against living viruses and bacteria and some of them can survive. Moreover, dust and pollen won’t be affected at all.

Proper care needs to be taken during the process of UV light installation in Parker to maximize its effectiveness. The system needs the right number of lamps, duct reflectivity, lamp position and lamp wavelength and intensity. The duct shouldn’t have any leaks, else the vacuum created will draw in lots of contaminants and reduce the light’s effectiveness.

Are Air Filters Needed?

You can’t afford to skip air filters just because you’ve got UV lamps. As mentioned, ultraviolet light isn’t helpful for dust and pollen. So you need to add air filters during the AC installation in Parker to keep the larger particles out while the lamp takes care of the germs.

Types Of UVGI Systems

Broadly speaking, there are two types:

Air Sterilization: The ultraviolet light disinfects the light as it travels through the return duct. It's linked with the blower motor so that it runs only when the system is running.

Coil Sterilization: This UVGI system is installed in hard-to-reach places like filters, condensation pans and cooling coils. It runs all the time to prevent mold from growing.


- With the right settings and wavelength ensured during UV light installation in Parker, you can rest assured that the system is killing lots of germs.

- UVGI is effective at getting rid of mold and mildew. This is great for parts like coils that tend to have lots of moisture.

- Ultraviolet lights also eliminate odors by eliminating volatile organic compounds from the ventilation system and the air you breathe

- It makes your HVAC more efficient by cleaning the air and coils, which improves its capacity by 35%. A cleaner HVAC system also means a lower power bill for you.


- Can’t help with allergies as it can’t deal with dead fungi and dust.

- Only the wavelength between 280-200 nm is effective. A wavelength below 200 nm could result in ozone being produced. So you need to watch out for smells that seem metallic or like electric sparks. Use lamps with quartz glass doped with titanium to absorb the wrong wavelength and prevent this.

- Incorrect installation can result in parts being damaged. The non-UV stabilized plastic parts, flex duct and drain pan are at risk of degradation.

- Installation and maintenance can cost a bit so you may need more budget.

- Direct UV-light exposure to skin and eyes can be dangerous, though technicians take great care during AC installation in Parker to prevent this.

How Long Does UV Light Last?

The lamps need to be replaced at regular intervals to ensure effectiveness. The average lifespan is 5000-9000 hours after which the light may shine but is useless. It’s advisable to change once every year though some brands require a change every six months instead.

Is It Worth It?

The medical industry has been using UV lights for decades now. So it’s a good option to consider when going for an AC installation in Parker.

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