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How to keep your home full of energy and positive vibes

Frank Robertson
How to keep your home full of energy and positive vibes

Your home should be a place where you can relax and recharge after a long stressful day at work. Home is your personal space that should bring you peace and serenity. If you don’t feel that your home calms you down, you should consider making some changes. You don’t need lots of money to transform your home into an oasis of peace. You just need better organisation and some pro interior design tips. Keep reading to learn more about how you can keep your home full of energy and positive vibes.


The first step in achieving a zen home is getting rid of clutter. Cluttered space only creates chaos in our heads. Then, you should take advantage of natural light and provide great alternatives when it comes to artificial light. What we often overlook is the entryway - we should probably give it a makeover to make it more organised and handy. Adding some fresh flowers and greenery in pots around our home can bring about feelings of positivity and good vibes. Finally, using essential oils also has soothing effects.


1. Get rid of clutter and keep your home clean

Due to many obligations we all have during the week, we sometimes let things pile up around our house. However, that can add to our feelings of stress and chaos. So, what you should do is put everything in its place every few days. The best thing to do would be to develop the habit of putting everything in its place right away. It could be difficult to get used to ding it at first, but after some time, you would get used to it. Moreover, if you look at your home carefully, you’re probably going to notice that there are many things there that you don’t even use. There are things that are broken, and that just collect dust. You should get rid of such things.


When you have fewer items around your home, it’s also much easier to clean. A clean home promotes feelings of positivity and good vibes. So, you should make sure that there are no spider webs on walls as well as dust on furniture. Every once in a while, you could opt for professional cleaning services to deep clean your house. Australians know how to be optimal in keeping their homes neat - they often hire professional carpet cleaning in Perth, Sydney and Melbourne to ensure their families breathe dust, dirt and allergen-free air in their homes.

2. Take advantage of natural light

If you have plenty of natural light in your home - that’s awesome! It helps with promoting positive feelings. Make sure that you don’t block your windows with furniture. Keep the windows clean and ensure that you have a nice, soothing view if possible. You can use different window treatments from blinds, drapes and curtains, depending on the position of your home. Besides the natural light, you should also have plenty of artificial light options. However, it can be tricky, as it can mess up our sleep patterns. That’s why it’s best to go for a soft glow provided by a Himalayan salt lamp; besides being soothing, it also purifies the air. Also, if you have a terrace at your place, you can read about some excellent terrace design tips online to make some good changes in that area too.

3. Give your entryway a makeover

The entryway is the initial and final part of your home before you enter or exit your home. Its energy spreads throughout the whole house. That’s why it needs to breathe positivity. You can make it such by organising it and keeping it clutter-free and clean. The pathway should be free, without obstructions. Coats, jackets, scarves, shoes and umbrellas should be neatly organised in a closet. You should have a space for keys, bills and other things we often keep in the entryway.

4. Add some greenery

Adding some fresh flowers to your home makes it brighter and happier. Fresh flowers also smell nice - it’s an added bonus. Buy some fresh flowers at least once a week, arrange them nicely and place them around your home. It will boost your space instantly. Besides the flowers, you can also add potted plants. Find out more about which plants go where and the effects they have. Some can purify the air, some cool a room down, while some are able to absorb moisture from the air. Make sure that you place them in spots that are convenient for them.

5. Use essential oils

Essential oils in diffusers have soothing effects on our mental state, and we should definitely use them. People use essential oils to clear negative energy and add a fresh fragrance to your space. Lavender is among the most popular ones used for its soothing effects.


Doing these little things around your home can improve its quality and make you feel relaxed and calm.

Frank Robertson
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