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Instruments Commonly Found in Orthodontists’ Office

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Instruments Commonly Found in Orthodontists’ Office

Visiting an orthodontist could be intimidating most of the time. But it is essential to have a follow-up scheduled beforehand to keep track of your oral health.

The orthodontist will assess and determine the problem that may crop up at any hour of the day.

Neglecting even minor issues such as bleeding of gums and restriction in jaw movement due to the emergence of wisdom teeth can be costly later on. So, the prudent step would be to visit an orthodontist at least half-yearly.

The orthodontist will use a few tools to examine the condition of the teeth structure. The essential tools to be found at the centre of the orthodontist in Manhattan should comprise the following.


It is mainly used for visualization and retraction during the procedure. It comes in handy when an immediate examination of the teeth structure has to be undertaken by the orthodontist.

Cotton Pliers

It is used for the placement of cotton balls and also to retrieve small-objects intra-orally. It is within reach of the orthodontist in Manhattan to check upon the excessive fluid flow, blood, or any other thing during the examination.

Straight Probe

It aids in positioning the orthodontist bracket and removing the excessive bracket from around the bracket.

Howe Utility Pliers

Expert Orthodontics in Upper East Side uses Howe utility pliers to hold arch wires during insertion or removal.

Wire cutter or Ligature Cutter

It has tapered beaks with sharp edges at the terminal. The sharp terminal end is used to cut wires and stainless-steel ligatures. The diameter of the wires should be less than 0.015inches.

Distal End Cutter

It has two cutting edges at right angles to the long axis of the instrument. It is often used for intra-orally cutting of the ligated arch wire. It is also used to catch and hold the arch wire while operating so that the edges wouldn’t hurt the patient.

Band Pusher

It is a long-handled instrument with an angled rectangular tip. It is used for fitting and positioning the orthodontic band on teeth.

Bite Stick

It is a nylon instrument with a serrated tip available in various shapes. It is also used for placing and positioning orthodontic bands utilizing the patient’s biting force.

Plastic Filling Instrument

It is used to place composite onto the mesh pad of an orthodontist bracket. It is used to shape or remove excess filling material in between the teeth.

Parting Words

The specialists of orthodontics in Upper East Side are required to have many other instruments to give immediate examination of the tooth structure. The patients might get overwhelmed by witnessing so many tools, but none would harm at all. The thorough analysis of the tooth should be undertaken by an expert with years of experience and expertise in the field of dentistry.

Jack Mayher is the author of this article. To know more about Invisalign in New York City please visit our website: theorthodontistandco.com

The Orthodontist & Co.
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