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Savita Garg

Tutoring is one of the best professions in this universe. It is a credit to be a tutor. It has many sides of benefits. It only provides advantages to the tutor and the tutee.

There are a lot of live and virtual tutoring portals. There is an umpteen number of online tutoring for USA from India and other places. The online tutoring services from India to USA are provided with the best outfits too. There are a lot of online tutors from India to USA. This online tutoring is conducted through digital and virtual platforms. A particular agency or company undertakes the services and provides the facilities.

The most significant online tutors from India to includes:


This. has got the best online tutoring services from India to USA. This online platform provides magnificent classes with a lot of innovative strategies. The tutors here are certified IIT Alumni too. Live classes are largely encouraged by this institute. Apart from the USA, this provides classes for more than 50 countries.


This tutoring site provides the facility of tutoring learners for cracking IB exams. This enables the students to study and explores the best university possible. This institute covers key concepts, strategies, in-exam techniques, etc. Tutors use diagrams, images, flowcharts, animations, etc to grasp the content. They use a whiteboard to break the difficult concepts into dilutable formats. Students can clear their doubts whenever they want.


This online tutoring for USA from India is the best learning app. They provide outstanding learning facilities too. The content they create and the way they deliver are just different and unique.


This is a marvelous platform designed for USA students. There are a lot of tutors working here. Most of the tutors are from India. The tutors receive a minimum payment of 500 per hour. The working hours to are flexible. The mentee gets one-to-one personalized attention from the tutor. The tutors receive additional payment for additional hours too.


This online tutoring platform emits the best strategies for tutees. On this platform, there is a separate dedicated dashboard for both the parents and students. This helps both parties to crack the best possible tutor/student within a feasible time. Through the "LMS" the tutor can observe the student's performance and overall development.


This online tutoring platform helps students in their overall development. They can join classes and find out their suitable educators. The matching tutor and learner come under the same platform. The institute is located in Chennai and was established on 2007.


They provide the best online tutoring to students at a feasible rate. They have personalized training sessions. They also focus on academic as well as external matters too. The work hours are flexible with good wages.


Chegg is an innovative tutoring platform that gives out outstanding attributes. The annual salary of a tutor is between 2 lakhs to 4lakhs.


This licensed platform helps individuals obtain and maintain in-demand certifications. They have courses on architecture, planning, finance, etc.


This is an amazing online tutoring arena. They offer classes through which both the teacher and the student can sit in their home and get into the class. There are currently more than 10.5 million tutors. They offer a stress-free experience not only for the tutor but also for the student. They have a student and parent-friendly environment too. They offer one-to-one tutoring in all subjects also. The teachers receive more than 1000 per hour. The tutors give the tutees with online workshops and exams. With this, the tutor detects the performance of the students.


This is an Indian learning platform. But at the same time, they offer public speaking tutoring classes to USA students too. They create confidential and expert speakers too. The demo classes here are absolutely free for the students. The tutors get 200 per hour. For regular classes then can get more than 400 per hour. The course will be for either 90 or 120 days. They have their own modules that help the students in many areas including writing, reading, speaking, etc. A lot of PlanetSpark students have published many books. There are a lot of TED talkers from this also. The online tutors from India to USA provide this in the best way.

Online tutoring thus offers a lot of opportunities for many things and activities. They are online, virtual networks where teachers and students are separated physically. They are connected in an online platform with the help of the internet. The most efficient form of tutoring happens in between the India-USA networking. They are separated by nationality, space, and language. They are also separated by the barrier of time too. But inside these too there is an open space of unity too.

The main advantage of online tutors from india are that both the tutor and the child can save on transportation costs, dressing costs, and many more. They can work and study according to their time schedule. The tutoring methodologies are innovative and different. They challenge the traditional and conventional modes of education.

The students become more and more interactive too. They learn many personal qualities too. They will have a trained mentor too who gives them career guidance classes too. The queries of both the student and the tutors are resolved too. Thus this platform is fastly developing into one of the best educational icons.

Article Source: https://medium.com/@eclassopedia22/online-tutoring-for-usa-from-india-896bb20c5231

Savita Garg
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