SEO Trends that will Continue in 2022

Amina Seigell

Google frequently updates its parameters in terms of web positioning, and in order to continue at the forefront, it is necessary to know the SEO trends.

If you want to stay visible, you have to adapt your optimization strategies from time to time.

Pages with a good position generate organic (unpaid) reach to your site, increasing the chances of attracting prospects and converting them if they are well managed.

These criteria change over time, always keeping in mind the need to provide users with a simple and effective experience.

Top SEO trends in 2022

SEO trends in 2022 are similar to those of past years, so some may seem familiar to you, but there are also some new ones.

Here is a list:

·        Valuable and relevant content

·        Clickless Searches

·        website security

·        Extension of the contents

·        search intent

·        SEO local

·        Web stories

·        Voice search

·        More accurate predictive search

·        Keywords with semantic relationship

·        Artificial intelligence

The order has nothing to do with its importance since all the SEO trends in 2022 are equally relevant to position yourself in Google or in any other search engine. SEO company in Dubai is reliable for its services.

Now let's dive into each of them so that you understand their importance this year and probably in the following ones.

1. Valuable and relevant content

This SEO trend, in reality, is not a trend but rather a rule that you have to apply. If you don't produce valuable and relevant content for your buyer personas, no SEO advice will work.

Because each of the parameters considered by the Google algorithm is tied to the user experience, this is the case. And for them to feel satisfied, it is by law that your content has to be authentic and valuable and must answer most of the questions related to the topic.

In case this does not happen, what happens is simple: the user clicks on the "back" button and chooses another of the thousands of options in the search results, while you lose an opportunity to win a customer or a follower.

In addition to all this, these actions have an impact on the bounce rate, affecting your reputation and your authority as a brand and, therefore, your web positioning.

Do not be lazy or replicate what other sites do; better give it your head and heart and create valuable content for your readers, allowing your website to position itself as a benchmark little by little.

Focus on putting into action strategies that consider the needs, desires, and pains of your buyer persona so that they are satisfied and want to return to your site.

2. User experience (UX)

This second SEO trend is related to the content's quality and relevance but also to the experience a user has when interacting with your site: from entering to leaving.

The user experience (UX) has to do with the interaction that visitors establish with the brand's channels. You must bet that it is simple, accessible, and unimpeded.

Some of the key elements of this SEO trend are that your page loads quickly, has intuitive menus and that people understand what they have to do on each page to get where they want to go.

Google's algorithm did not take this much into account, but now it is known that it will start to do so. So, if you want to boost your SEO results in 2022, you must have interactive, stable, and fast pages.

3. Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO is not a recent SEO trend. From 2018-to 2019, Google began to analyze website pages as major versions, leaving PC ones a little aside.

This is because more and more users browse through mobile devices and less through fixed devices.

Mobile SEO is key within any strategy, and it will become even more relevant in 2022 because the number of people who browse the internet through smartphones continues to grow exponentially.

Even by 2025, according to a study, it is expected that approximately 75% of the population will only use their smartphones to navigate.

Due to these data, mobile SEO should be emphasized to deliver satisfying user experiences. If you still don't optimize all your content for this environment, do it now! Because you are staying out of SEO trends.

In addition, you lose customers directly, and Google penalizes pages that are not optimized for mobile, so water.

4. Algorithms with artificial intelligence

AI has the power to show internet users the things they like and need the most, so it stands to reason that it will play a key role in any SEO strategy.

Although not many details have been given about the internal workings of the algorithm, it is believed that the user experience is one of the factors that is most taken into account.

5. Optimizing for voice search

Voice search technology is booming and has become a massive trend. According to surveys, 58% of consumers use voice search through Google, Siri or Alexa to find information about local businesses and online purchases.

The first step is to "translate" the written content into natural language, that is, think about how users speak and not how they write.

6. Core Web Vitals

Google gives more and more importance to aspects related to user experience, which has made it become a very important SEO trend.

Core Web Vitals, one of Google's latest ranking factors, looks at three crucial components of your website:

• LCP (Larger Content Image Processing): Measures perceived loading speed and bets larger content takes less than 2.5 seconds to load. This factor enhances the user experience on the website.

• CLS (Cumulative Layout Change): Measures visual stability through unexpected changes in the visible layout of the page, especially if it is below 0.1.

Satisfying the user is going to be increasingly a decisive factor, and elements such as loading speed are essential for a correct experience on the site.

7. Web Accessibility

Accessibility takes into account the vision and hearing problems of users with some type of disability. For Google, it is more important that the website is simple and accessible to all users than the design or how "beautiful" a website is displayed.

Ensuring the content of your website, your products and your services are accessible to people with functional diversity not only helps you climb positions in the search results, but also offers a better user experience and can even positively influence your reputation. brand.

8. Mobile optimization

There will be no more excuses: the mobile user experience becomes essential and hiding or deleting text left over from the desktop version will be left behind.

9. The contents of great extension

A well-written long-form piece has a higher chance of ranking higher on search engine pages.

Long articles of more than 3,000 words are more likely to help get more consistent traffic compared to small or medium ones.

On the other hand, Google affirms once again that the quality of the content is essential for success in positioning. These factors help determine if a web page has quality and useful content.

10. Ethical link building

Within the 10 trends of SEO 2022 is also link building. Google has always penalized link exchange strategies, paid links, guest blogging and other non-organic link building techniques, but with the latest Google updates, this is beginning to be noticed more and more with sharp drops in the number of visits.

Amina Seigell
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