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Top 5 SEO Trends for 2022 to Drive Traffic on Website

William Dalessi
Top 5 SEO Trends for 2022 to Drive Traffic on Website

The New Year 2022 has just begun, and it's time to implement new SEO strategies to attract more traffic. SEO plays a crucial role in Search Engine Ranking. Hence, it is vital to know about SEO Trends for 2022 before making an SEO strategy.

Before we dig into 2022 SEO Trends, let's examine what SEO means.

What is SEO?

Over the internet, you will find many articles on SEO definitions. The simplest definition of SEO is search engine optimization. It helps rank your website higher in Search Engines. You will rank higher on search engines if your SEO is good.

Latest SEO Trends of 2022

It's hard to rank in SERPs unless you follow the latest SEO trends. So, now it's time to take a deep dive into the new SEO Trends of 2022.

1. MUM - Multitask Unified Model

MUM is the first SEO Trend for 2022. It is an Artificial Intelligence Technology of Google known as Multitask Unified Model.

Whenever you ask a question, Google strives to provide relevant answers. Earlier this year, Google introduced MUM. The purpose of MUM is to provide answers to complex questions.

It's an upgrade version of BERT. According to Google, MUM is 1000 times powerful than BERT. It is trained in 75 different languages and can perform several tasks simultaneously.

MUM is also capable of understanding images. For example, I saw a bike in China showroom. Now I want to know if this bike is available in India or not? To do so, I need to upload a picture of my bike along with my question, and MUM will provide the most relevant results.

Currently, MUM is under testing. However, we expect it to start working by 2022. Whenever it's active, it will have a substantial impact on rankings.

2. LaMDA - Future of Voice searches

The second SEO Trend you have to follow in 2022 is LaMDA - The Future of Voice searches. Consequently, now is the ideal time to optimize your website for voice searches.

In short, LaMDA - or Language Model for Dialogue Applications - is Google's new machine learning model. LaMDA strives to have a conversation with users and provide results based on what they say.

About 27 percent of the global online population uses voice search on mobile devices. So Voice Search also plays a major role in SEO. SEO experts predict that this trend will grow in 2022.

Google has not set a date for rolling out LaMDA. LaMDA will significantly impact voice searches. Until then, you can improve your content.

3. Video Content - Upcoming SEO Trend

The popularity of Video Content is increasing rapidly through YouTube and TikTok. After TikTok, We know the value of Short Video Content. While YouTube is known for large video content, TikTok is known for short video content.

Across the globe, TikTok is banned in many countries. Luckily, YouTube released its Short Video Content section for Short Video Content. YouTube shorts are already available, and YouTube is promoting them heavily. Currently, we should take the opportunity to produce our shorts.

Short video content does not require as much time as long video content. So in less time, you can create Video Content now. Use this trend to gain new customers and visitors.

YouTube Shorts aren't the only platform that promotes Short Video Content. Various other platforms do as well. For example, social media platforms feature Short Video Content as well.

Recently, Google launched two new video structured data types – Seek Markup and Clip Markup. These markups can increase CTR to your video content via the search results page. The markups work on websites as well as on YouTube. Hence, this SEO Trend for 2022 will be going to very beneficial.

3.1 Clip Video Markup

The first structured data type is the Clip Markup video. In this markup, you specify the segment start and end times, also the label for each segment.

You will need to add these properties:

  1. A descriptive title for the content of the clip.
  2. Start time of the clip.
  3. End time of the clip.
  4. The URL of the specific timeslot.

3.2 Seek Video Markup

The Second structured data type is Seek Video Markup. To have Google display key moments from the video clip, you need to tell Google how your URL structure works. With machine learning, Google will automatically examine and segment the contents in your video. It will be your responsibility to inform Google of the process to link any timestamp within your video that will be uploaded to their site.

3.3 YouTube Timestamps

Moreover, if you are hosting your video on YouTube, be sure to include timestamps in your description. Google automatically enable key moments in search result.

To gain more visibility in Google Search, you need to adopt this SEO Trend in 2022.

4. Mobile SEO - Not an Old SEO Trend

People are increasingly consuming content on their mobile devices, according to Statista. In addition, 61 percent of organic search engine visits come from mobile in the United States. As you can see, Mobile SEO will play a significant role in 2022.

Mobile SEO means optimizing the website for mobile users to give them a better user experience. Not only for Search Engines, but you also have to optimize your website according to users' needs. Mobile Responsive site is helpful to achieve a higher ranking in SERP.

People think Mobile SEO is an old Trend. But the trend will not fade away as time goes on, as users of mobile devices are on the rise. So we can't ignore this SEO factor for 2022.

In Addition, Google also gives priority to mobile users. For instance, if your website has desktop and mobile versions, Google will first crawl the mobile version. Now you can guess the importance of Mobile SEO.

5. Rich Snippets - Passage indexing

As we can see, Google more focus on Rich Snippets. Above we have already discussed LaMDA and Video Structure Data. So these are one of the examples of Rich Snippets.

Passage Indexing is also in the 2022 SEO Trend list. It is also known as Paragraph Indexing. When Google crawls your article, it analyzes it and highlights whichever paragraph users will find most understandable.

The purpose of these Snippets is to answer users as quickly as possible. Below is an example:

Final Words on SEO Trends

These SEO Trends are the future of SEO. So be ready with your SEO strategy. Using these 5 SEO trends, you can differentiate your website from the rest and maximize your results.

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2022 is going to be an exciting year. What's your thought on that? We'd love to hear what you think.


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