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What to Look For When Buying a 3D Printer?

Kaylin Pope

3d printing

Do you know what to look for when buying a 3D printer? There are a lot of 3D printers available in the market, but only a few of them are perfect.

It is very important to buy a 3D printer that suits your needs and requirements. You should choose a 3D printer that is suitable for you, but at the same time it should suit the budget you have.

Here are the main points to consider while purchasing a 3D printer:

1. The brand

There are a lot of 3D printer manufacturers in the market, but it is important that you should buy a quality brand. When it comes to buying a 3D printer, you should think about quality first. Choose a brand that offers good customer service, and a warranty. Many companies provide free replacement parts and repair services, which is very helpful. You should also check if the company provides free shipping to anywhere in the world. This is a great advantage if you don't live close to the company's headquarters. This is one of the best ways to find a reliable brand. 

3D printer resolution is measured in microns--with FDM printers at the lower range of 25 microns, and resin-based printers at the higher end around 100. The resolution of the final print can be easily adjustable on an FDM printer. The layer height and belt tension are the two most crucial factors when it comes to smooth printing. Resin printers are limited by the precision of their laser. Find an best 3d printer that is easy to adjust with a higher number of microns as specified in the specifications.

2. The cost

If you want to buy a 3D printer, then you must make sure that you are getting the best. The price may vary based on the type of the printer. The type of the printer determines the quality of the product. You should check if you will be able to find the parts that you are missing in the 3D printer. The cost will also depend upon the materials you choose to use. You can opt for plastic, paper, steel, wood, etc. You must find out what is the material that you are using for printing.

3. Features

Before you buy a printer, you must find out whether the printer has the right features that you are looking for. The most important features are the number of pages that the printer can print, the color of the paper, the ability to print text and pictures, and the speed of printing. If you want a printer with a high speed, you should look for a multifunctional printer. If you want to print a lot of pages, you should look for a large capacity printer. You must also find out whether the printer can be used for business purposes.

4. Warranty

Warranty is an important factor to consider. When buying a printer, check out the warranty to find out if it is for a certain period of time or not. If the warranty is for a specific period of time, it means that the printer will cost less money if you need to replace parts that might break. Some printers may be covered by a manufacturer's warranty for only one year. On the other hand, some printers may have a very long warranty period, so they can provide a better price on the products that are defective.

5. Print speed

Warranty is a very important part of buying a printer. In addition to the guarantee period, make sure that the printer is easy to use. Look for features that are easy to use. If you can learn how to use the printer without having any problems, you can be assured that you will be able to use it for a long time. If the printer does not have a 3 year warranty, then you will have to buy new ink cartridge after a certain period of time. When you buy a printer, don't spend too much money on it.


Before you buy a 3D printer, you should first know what you want to print. If you are looking for 3D printed models of animals or toys, then you will definitely have to invest in a 3D printer that has the ability to produce those models. But if you want to print an object that you can use, then you don't need to spend money on a 3D printer. That is because most printers come with some software that you can use.

Kaylin Pope
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