VISA vs MasterCard - Is One Debit Card Better Than the Other?

Sanya Singh

Virtually everyone knows that debit cards are financial instruments to make withdrawing money and cashless transactions easier for savings account holders. And today, they come with a range of perks like movie tickets, lounge access, discounts on shopping, and more.


If it is your first time getting a debit card, you may have noticed banks offer various debit cards like VISA, Master, RuPay debit cards, etc. And if you have paid attention, you know VISA and Master debit cards are more popular than the rest. Wondering which one you should get? Well, a detailed comparison of the two debit cards can help you make an informed decision. And if you are looking for one, we are here to help you out.


What Is a VISA Debit Card?


This is a debit card issued by banks partnered with the globally-acclaimed VISA payment network, and it allows you to make domestic and international transactions via the secure VISA payment platform. What’s more, the card helps you withdraw cash no matter where you are, all thanks to the widespread VISA ATM network.



What Is a MasterCard Debit Card?


Like the VISA debit card, a MasterCard debit card helps you withdraw funds and make cashless payments domestically and internationally.


Comparison of Features


●       Acceptance of Card


Both VISA and MasterCard debit cards can be used to withdraw funds domestically and internationally. Additionally, you can even make domestic and international purchases with them.


●       Transaction Security


VISA and MasterCard debit card transactions occur over secure payment networks. This means you never have to worry about loss of funds or fraud while transacting with these cards. In fact, VISA goes the extra mile and even offers a zero liability policy to protect your card if it gets lost or stolen.



●       Customer Service


The Cistomer has to Contact the Issuing Bank for any concerns on his Debit Card for any complaint resolution


●       Additional Perks


VISA provides various debit cards like VISA Classic, VISA Gold, VISA Platinum, VISA Signature, VISA Infinite and more, in partnership with banks. These cards offer perks, from discounts to special privileges depending on the issuing bank. Moreover, some VISA cardholders can benefit from an overdraft facility as well.


Again, one can choose between various types of MasterCards like World Debit MasterCard, MasterCard Titanium & Platinum  and more, depending on the benefits offered by the issuing bank.


The Verdict


Remember VISA and MasterCard ultimately are payment platforms, so it’s no wonder that their debit cards offer a range of similar features. The difference lies in the quality of certain services. While VISA focuses on the security of transactions, MasterCard focuses on impeccable customer service. So, choosing one over another amounts to which services you value more as a cardholder. Naturally, if secure transactions are your priority, go for a VISA debit card, but if you want quick customer service, choose MasterCard instead.


Lastly, when you apply for debit card, check the perks offered by the issuing bank. This helps you choose a good offer. And only when you are satisfied, get a debit card online.

Sanya Singh
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