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10 Reasons Why Top-Loading Arms are better than Hoses

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10 Reasons Why Top-Loading Arms are better than Hoses

Loading and unloading liquid content from the compartments of tanks is daunting. Connecting hoses with the coupling systems for loading liquid in pressure can be hazardous. It can cause spills and other accidents. Due to various other reasons, most loading docks use top loading arms to accomplish the jobs. Let us check why such loading arms are better than the hoses.

Reasons why loading arms are better

1.    Maneuvering flexibility

The prime reason for using a top-loading arm in place of a hose is its flexibility. Hoses are cumbersome, whereas a top-loading arm remains suspended from a point. Hence, handling a loading arm is much easier than a heavy hose.

2.    Avoiding injuries

Carrying heavy hoses make workers prone to back injuries. The prolonged exposure to moving such heavy objects in a loading deck ruins the health of operators.

3.    No tripping hazard

When hoses are not in use, lay on the ground of a loading deck. They may remain coiled but can contribute to tripping hazards. The safety of the docks reduces considerably with hoses. Top loading arms, however, remain hanging from a point. There is no way an operator will trip.

4.    Hectic process made easier

Hoses need to be uncoiled, used, and recoiled again and again. It reduces the productivity of the operators throughout the day. Using top loading arms removes this hectic part of the daily job.

5.    Wearing and tearing

The continued use causes wearing and tearing as hoses are dragged and used on the ground. It results in bursting or leakage of liquid on the loading dock. A top-loading arm will not face any such problem.

6.    Low maintenance

Loading arms come with excellent joints and pipes for loading liquids and gases. They need significantly less maintenance as the wearing and tearing reduce to a minimum. The joints and pipes can also handle the pressurized flow of fluids through them.

7.    Range of motion

A top-loading arm's range of motion is almost identical to the hoses. Even though they are fixed, they can still offer such freedom of movement. Moreover, an operator will not have to break a sweat while using a loading arm.

8.    Less workforce

Handling loading arms need less workforce than hoses due to the flexibility of usage and freedom of movement.

9.    Ergonomic process

Top-loading arms offer an ergonomic operation as they can be easily fixed with the coupling systems to maintain a strong connection with the compartments.

10. Quick loading and unloading

Loading and unloading on the dock of an industry can be done much faster using loading arms. It means the efficiency of loading and unloading will ultimately multiply the productivity of the floor resulting in more profit.


These are the 10 reasons loading arms have replaced hoses from modern industrial platforms. Companies can now work faster by including these benefits of using top-loading arms.

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