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Get the Best Rice Cooker Price in the UAE at Crownline


No meal would be complete without a cup of freshly cooked steaming rice. It’s one of the staples of Emirati cuisine, served with everything from Ghuzi to Al Mach boos. But are the rice cooker prices in the UAE worth it?

Why every household needs a rice cooker

·        They cook rice better

Nothing compares to the taste of perfectly cooked rice. The grains are soft and evenly cooked, with a pleasing aroma that will wake your taste buds up. But, unfortunately cooking a perfect bowl of rice takes a lot of practice, especially if you only have a gas burner and a pot. With a rice cooker, cookingricerightly will be a breeze. It can prevent undercooking or overcooking the grains.

·        They are easy to use

Rice cookers are the best tools for automating the cooking process. They’re simple to use—just put in enough servings for you and your family, add water with the included measuring cup, and set the button to “cook.” Then, after about 25 to 35 minutes, you can open the lid and serve a steaming cup of perfectly cooked rice.

·        They keep your rice warm

Are you planning to cook rice for the rest of the day? Unless you put it in the fridge, cooked rice only stays warm for about two hours. So if you still want to enjoy warm rice for lunch or dinner, rice cookers are a must.

These appliances usually have two settings: cook and warm. The latter will keep the grains soft and tasty without overcooking, and you can prepare meals in advance.

·        They are versatile

Despite their name, rice cookers can cook more than just rice. This trusty appliance can help you make your favorite soup, prepare oatmeal for breakfast, and even bake bread.

·        They’re a good investment

Rice cookers are a must-have for every home. And luckily, you can score some great rice cooker prices in the UAE. At Crownline, you’ll find top-of-the-line rice cookers withcooking and steaming capabilities, non-stick coating pans, and their own measuring cups and spoons at great prices.

Looking for the best rice cooker prices in the UAE? Crownline is the leading provider of domestic appliances in the country!


You can also buy it from any electronics retailer in UAE or your nearest National Store .


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