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Architectural trends are ever changing, with products, methods and building resources continuing to evolve year after year. In the age of social networks

The people are exposed to an abundance of architectural motivation every day and are increasingly likely to embark upon ‘trendy’ advancement tasks, whether that be independently or with the help of a designer.

After a difficult year or two for the architectural industry, it is anticipated that 2022 will see significant re-growth within the field.

Modifications in both material resources and labour schedule require projects to adapt more efficient approaches which are likely to be reflected in the architectural trends that emerge over this time.

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Exposed Steel Structures

Across the architectural design market, a choice of innovative and new product combinations are making an impact and emerging on architecture patterns.

The flexibility of steel is perfect for more expressive or experimental design work — truly allowing architects to integrate more creative shapes within structural design.

Particularly popular realisations of this pattern include exposed steel beams.

Glass Blocks

Coming from in 1977, the ‘glass obstructs’ or ‘glass bricks’ pattern acquired popularity within property and dining establishment design tasks.

Boasting synchronised privacy and transparency, this visually fascinating, highly structured function continued to gain popularity for several years.

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More recently, jobs including glass brick features have been easily tied to outdated 80’s designs up until innovative brand-new designers changed the fate of this design feature

Including it into more contemporary ‘industrial-chic’ design jobs such as special dining establishments and restrooms. Many architects think that 2022 will mark a brand-new life for the glass brick pattern!

Bringing the Outdoors In

The popularity of the indoor/outdoor trend has been speeding up rapidly in the last few years, even protecting a function in a previous trends blog site, ‘Trends in Architecture and Construction 2020’.

Subcategories of this trend consist of making optimum usage of rooftop spaces by transforming them into gardens, developing outside ‘summer kitchens’ and indoor/outdoor restrooms fitted with intense full-length windows.

Alternatively, complete pleasure of this pattern is limited to reasonable weather conditions and therefore might be more matched to those living in warmer climates.

Green Buildings

In the wake of the ever-developing environment crisis, numerous architects select to include environmentally mindful options into their styles.

From this, ‘green’ or ‘sustainable’ architecture has actually developed into its own subcategory over current years.

Sustainable architecture intends to decrease the negative ecological impact of structures by increasing energy effectiveness and moderating using products.

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As the world gets up to the urgency of the climate modification emergency situation — efforts such as this have actually gotten well developed status within architectural patterns and will continue to do so over coming years.


At first emerging in the 1920’s, minimalist architecture has become a staple architectural trend. This design of architectural style continues to seal its appeal year after year.

As numerous architectural design jobs move far from concrete frames and large brick structures, the more simplified method offered by minimalism adheres to a more effortless visual that reverts back to one of the most fundamental architectural principles.

Within numerous architectural advancements, the minimalist pattern is performed with help from products such as wood cladding.

Wood permits a reliable yet subtle contrast to neutral tones and brilliant whites particular of minimalist style and has actually become a pattern within coastal minimalist architecture.

With the incorporation of more ‘earthy’ tones working well amongst natural surroundings. Discover more about how timber cladding suits and weather conditions seaside environments.

Multi-Functional Homes

Amidst the stay-at-home order released throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, many designers turned their hand to producing multi-functional homes.

House owners found themselves finding brand-new functions for their existing space and discussion around multifunctionality in homes ended up being more widespread within the architectural community.

From this, an architectural niche centred around accommodating the work-from-home lifestyle emerged — which is now gaining fast momentum.

The previous popularity of open layout is set to decrease within designs of this type, while sound proofing and other privacy enhancing design functions are set to acquire greater appeal.

In a world so dependent on remote working, multifunctional surface areas and ‘zoom-ready’ acoustics are also set to end up being popular functions. Garden buildings particularly have increased in appeal for home working purposes.

Atul Jain
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