Follow these steps, get your best wellness program job easily !


You therefore desire employment as a corporate wellness program Malaysia's coordinator. How may one locate such a wellness position? Wouldn't it be wonderful if someone would just post instructions to make it simpler for you to obtain a position in corporate wellness?

This site was created for precisely that reason. Someone with unique qualifications is someone who has conducted interviews for countless health and wellness jobs, assisted many college students in starting their own health and wellness professions, and now generates employee wellness positions. Put your seatbelt on.

Nevertheless, a dozen or more persons were contacted for interviews to guarantee that you received the most current and accurate information available. Applying these three tactics will give you a competitive edge when looking for a wellness career, such as becoming a wellness coordinator.

Your chances of landing any health and wellness job will significantly improve if you attentively study each area and perhaps even list a few action items.

Hint #1 Your Corporate Wellness Career Begins Long Before Graduation

There is something you should know before you go to your first training, before you talk about your starting pay, and even before your interview. Before graduating, you should begin preparing for your first wellness or health promotion position. You have more time to use this tactic if you are a student. But if you've just graduated, don't worry—you still have time.

Which candidate—those who graduated in four years without any work experience or those who graduated in five years with experience—would you prefer to hire, given what you now know?

You're not alone if you went with the experienced person. The majority of those who make hiring decisions base them more on how successfully you market your prior work experiences than on how well you did in school.

While grades can influence whether you receive an interview or not, they don't always work in your favour. Nobody likes to collaborate with an inexperienced expert. However, they do prefer to collaborate with seasoned professionals. And it makes no difference what kind of workforce it is.

If you're still in college, take your time and find a job or an internship. On your resume, this experience will be the most significant.

What sort of employment should you pursue? Any employment is beneficial, but if you have the good fortune to attend one of the many universities or colleges that offer health initiatives for both staff and students, consider applying for a position there or even just volunteering. Even an internship could benefit from this.

In either case, getting to know and learning from the staff members of the wellness or health education programme should come first. In a low-risk setting, you can rehearse with mentors and ask them questions.

"It's not what you know, but who you know that counts," is a cliche. No matter what type of work you are looking for, this is generally true. People they know or are familiar with are hired by employers.

Former employers and managers will remember you if you put in a lot of effort while you're a student and treat them well. When you require assistance with your CV, interview preparation, or even producing reference letters, they will be available to assist. Maybe they'll even give you a job.

Here are some additional strategies you can use to differentiate yourself if you're a student or recent graduate still looking for your first wellness job.

Go on a tour

Ask to take a tour of any wellness initiatives that might exist in your neighbourhood. Make a road trip out of it with some of your wellness buddies if you have to go to a bigger city to access these programmes!

So that you may ask insightful questions during the tour, do some preliminary research about the programme. Make sure the wellness programme is the main focus of the trip and not you or your preferences.

Attend every conference or event for wellness professionals that you can.

I am aware of certain students who offered to handle the registration desk in exchange for a discounted ticket to the event and the opportunity to get to know everyone.

You won't meet anyone if you don't go, so keep that in mind if it really is about who you know. These two business gatherings will help you start your career:

Join helpful groups on LinkedIn.

For instance, the wellness business has a large group called Wellness is a Business Strategy that includes many decision-makers. Make it a routine to visit LinkedIn once or twice a week to read some posts. You will be able to sense what is going on in the field if you do this. The National Wellness Institute also offers subscriptions to additional information sources.

Hints #2: After Graduation, How to Find the Right Wellness Job

LinkedIn and Indeed were the platforms that were referenced the most. Also listed were "my undergraduate school's job search engine," My future job, and Jobstreet.

Don't forget to browse the employment boards for the industry maintained by businesses like Wellness Councils of America. Another excellent resource for finding wellness employment in colleges and universities is The Chronical for Higher Education. These are excellent resources for finding job leads.

Due to how simple and quick it is, most people will only apply for wellness jobs through LinkedIn or Indeed. If you want to tell your parents you looked for jobs so you can keep playing video games in their basement, this is a wonderful technique!

However, you need to put in a little more effort than that if you genuinely want to land a career in the wellness sector. Indeed, Monster, and other job sites are actually just filters.

Your application will be accepted, and you will be able to upload your résumé, but the person making the hiring decisions will typically need to remember to go in to those sites in order to review all applications.

The astute job seeker will find out about a position on one of the aforementioned job sites. The crucial ingredient is that they will then carry out these actions. They will invest a lot of time in becoming familiar with the company's goals and mission.

Until they identify someone who can inform them of the position, they will phone others they know. They will modify their resume to the listed job duties once they have knowledge of the business and the position.

They will then apply directly to the business. Using the good, better, best method, it is best if you can personally deliver the resume. It is good if the resume goes to the person who will evaluate it directly. It is better if you have that person's email address so you can follow up.

Here are a few additional tactics that could make you stand out while you look for a wellness career.

Rely on word-of-mouth.

Some of your close friends will work in the wellness sector or know people who do. Get in touch with the wellness coordinator through them and pose thoughtful, well-thought-out queries that you have already prepared in advance.

Call since nobody calls!

Call the company a week after sending your resume, introduce yourself, and say something like, "I just wanted to double-check that you received my resume."

Say something like, "It's all good, would it be alright if I sent you another résumé just to be sure?" unless the person you're chatting with claims to know exactly who you are (which is unlikely).

Then you may say, "So just look for a CV from - insert your name here," since they will undoubtedly say yes. Your resume will rise to the top of the pile if you follow this easy procedure. Additionally, your name has been repeated twice by an insider!

Last but not least, keep in mind the worth of a thank you card if you didn't receive the job. After all, conducting interviews and analysing applicants is a very unpleasant task!

Explain your decision to pursue a profession in wellness.

Your decision to major in wellness or health promotion in college will probably have a bearing on this.

You should be able to articulately describe some of the following: why adopting a wellness lifestyle over a treatment strategy became a personal triumph for you; why inspiring others to change was appealing to you; and how passionate you are about wellness.

Nobody becomes rich by pursuing wellness, it has been stated. The folks you're interviewing will be aware of this, but they'll still want to sense your enthusiasm. They'll want to know that you share their passion for wellness.

Hints #3 What about certifications in wellness?

Surprisingly many people who were interviewed for this blog stated, "I was going to earn this certification BUT...," enter justification, during the process.

One of the candidates claimed that prior to becoming certified, her work experience had helped her acquire the position she desired. A good problem to have is that one!

A credential always makes sense since it gives your professional and academic experiences more context. However, a certification is not necessary for the majority of jobs.

Here is a list of every wellness credential that is offered.

Getting one won't hinder your chances of landing a job, but in many circumstances, it might not even matter. The most crucial qualification is always actual work experience in the wellness industry.

Consider the time and money commitment required for continuous education if you decide to pursue certification. A list of certifications and some advice are provided below.

  • Options for college students: Why not add a degree in business if you're genuinely interested in working in a corporate wellness programme? If you are forced to take a class in organisational behaviour, the course material will likely help you learn business terms more quickly and will probably help you gain a wider perspective.

  • The best option is to enrol in a college course that offers CPR and AED certification. If not, you can always acquire these abilities for less than $50 from a company like the American Heart Association.

  • Certifications in personal training or group fitness are strongly advised. The American College of Sports Medicine offers both. The certification programmes run by the American Council on Exercise and National Academy of Sports Medicine were also frequently noted by interviewees.

  • Wellness Practitioner: The credential provided by the Wellness Council of America is excellent and well-known. The Chapman Institute offers the outstanding but more specialised certification known as WellCert.

  • The WellSteps Worksite Wellness blog series, which includes the most recent and practical wellness strategies, includes this blog. Everyone who works with WellSteps must read them. Review the information on these blogs if you don't have the time or money for a wellness certification. You can use them for free, and once you're done, you'll have learned enough about wellness to last an entire semester. Many of the blogs are collected in this book form.

Common inquiries about positions as wellness coordinators

What then do those with wellness occupations do?

The wellness programme where you were hired will determine how this all plays out. There are numerous variations on wellness programmes. While some programmes provide gyms on-site, many do not. The people we spoke with for this blog mentioned personal training at gyms, health coaching over the phone or in person, working in or via human resources, being a member of the wellness team in a work setting without a gym, etc. The truth is that everybody working somewhere in a wellness profession is trying to help others become better.

What are the wages for wellness jobs?

Again, this depends on the particulars of the position, but starting pay should be in the range of $30,000 and $40,000. Master's degree-required positions in the field of wellness will pay more. The duties, the fitness programme, and even the area of the United States will affect salaries. Once more, nobody enters the wellness industry to become wealthy!

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