Consider Chin and Cheek Implants for Forever Youthful Appearance

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High cheekbones are an aways thing of beauty in modern-day view. Regrettably, they do not come naturally to everyone. Even more unluckily, the aging process can reduce the presence of full cheeks in many people who used to have them. To gain the right facial contour, and adding volume to the cheeks would be the right step. If you have not considered chin and cheek implants before, its countless benefits should give you numerous reasons to think it over. You just need to perform a procedure from any certified plastic surgery medspa like Hilton Head Plastic Surgery & MedSpa. Our cheek augmentation procedure can accurate this imbalance if you have narrow cheekbones.

Who is the Perfect Candidate for Cheek Surgery?

The chin and cheeks are one of the main breakthroughs of the face. When one of these you feel is out of line, the whole facial structure may seem deranged. Proper chin and cheek implants from Hilton Head Plastic Surgery & MedSpa can correct this inequity, if you have shallow cheekbones. This may be the consequence of inheritance or the reabsorption of bone tissue which occurs with aging. People for cheek augmentation will likely have a hollow, flat look about their chin and cheeks and often the eyes that are better defined with higher, more projecting cheekbones.

A perfect candidate for cheek augmentation is in good physical condition, is psychologically stable, and has a wish to add definition to the higher face. Potential patients should have a strong understanding of the recovery process, the restrictions of the cheek augmentation procedure, and truthful expectations for their desired results. Then, you should discuss with our plastic surgeon to confirm that the implant material is safe for you.

What Happened during this Procedure?

At Hilton Skin clinic, with chin surgery, an implant is injected in front of the jawbone in order to expand the jaw or chin area. A small notch is made inside the mouth to let the implant to be placed in a pocket just under the skin. A substitute location for this opening is below the chin. Chin surgery is usually performed along with nose surgery or rhinoplasty.

With cheek augmentation, notches are made either inside the mouth, through the lower cheek area or directly below the bottommost eyelid on the high cheek. Cheek surgery is often executed in conjunction with a face lift surgery. Both cheek and chin implant procedures normally last from 30 minutes to one hour.

Healing Process

Immediately after the surgery, your face will be fitted with bandages, in order to speed the healing process and to decrease swelling. Usually, post-operative directions call for plenty of rest and restricted movement in order to speed up the recovery process. Keeping the head raised during the initial recovery stage is also significant. Patients may report minor pain related to surgery, but it can be treated with oral medication. Patients may experience some bruising and swelling of the face that can be eased by using cold compresses. A fluid diet may be required for a few days, as chewing may be problematic. While difficulties are rare, patients can diminish possible problems by carefully following the post-operative directions.

Why Choose Hilton Head Plastic Surgery & MedSpa?

From us, you can get ample benefits through chin and cheek implants. It can expand your appearance, balance your facial features, and even help you to look more youthful. Successful chin implant surgeries can give you better proportion and even boost your self-esteem. Cheek augmentation can also be used to precise facial asymmetries and congenital flaws, as well as facial scarring. You can also opt for Botox treatments from us.

Hilton Head Plastic Surgery & MedSpa
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