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How To Shift Homes Hassle-Free?

Simply Southern Moving
How To Shift Homes Hassle-Free?

Do you get transferred to a new job or love a new home at another location? Either way, it’s time to pack up your current home and make a move. However, it can turn out to be pretty daunting.

There are several things to consider and act upon when shifting homes, especially if you have lived in the current house for over three years because you might have gathered a lot of things. As a result, you need help moving furniture and other oversized items. 

So, if you are about to shift, this article has valuable tips for you to follow that will make your move hassle-free and more organized. 

Tips for moving your home hassle-free 

If you’ve found your dream home and want to make a move as soon as possible, you need to get organized now. Alternatively, if you need to move due to professional commitments, you must make the necessary arrangements for the move. 

But you might be finding it a bit overwhelming. Fret not; here are some tips to overcome the tiring process of shifting homes:

Declutter your home 

The first and foremost step to moving homes is decluttering your current space. Everyone has a lot of unnecessary things at their place that they don’t use anymore. It is necessary to purge them before moving. That way, you will save packing costs and have fewer things to offload.

Secure your valuables 

It is advisable to secure your valuables before moving day. This means ensuring the packing of your important documents like heirlooms and precious jewelry in suitcases that you will carry on moving day.

Either you can keep them safe by packing them yourself in a suitcase, or you can temporarily store them in a safe and retrieve them when you can. If you fail to secure your valuables, they might get lost in transit. So, ensure you keep them safe. 

Pick suitable transportation 

Pick suitable transportation for your things. If you are moving cities, you must ensure you can place everything in a single truck and make it a single trip. You might need to hire a 24”-26” truck to ensure you can make a move in a single trip. 

Choose the right movers and packers 

Your shifting process will be hassle-free if you choose the right packers and movers. Compare reviews of several packers and movers before you pick one. Ensure you give detailed instructions on what needs to be moved. 

Also, ensure your packers and movers are experienced, professional, and licensed. 

Ensure you have the essentials handy till moving day 

While moving, don’t forget to keep a few essentials handy till moving day. For instance, keep your tea, coffee, snacks, and a few clothing items with you. It will help you have food and clothes until you leave the place. You can carry these items with you in a hand suitcase while moving. 


Moving houses can be a nostalgic and cumbersome affair and that’s why having local moving help is essential. Moreover, when you move homes, you need to declutter your home, secure your valuables, pick suitable transportation, and choose the right movers. 

You can choose Simply Southern Moving for professional local moving help. They are the experts and will take care of your belongings properly. Moreover, they will ensure efficiency and reliability to make your moving day hassle-free. 

So, choose the right movers and packers and get organized to move into your dream home!

Simply Southern Moving
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