Invention Ideas For Kids


Kids often have the greatest ideas for new invention idea. They have unique imaginations and thought processes that can be cultivated to produce novel products and solutions to daily problems. In this way, kids can come up with new and innovative products by looking at major problems in society and re-imagining a better way to use the current products. In addition to coming up with great invention ideas, kids can also participate in kid inventor contests, which can provide them with inspiration, resources, and a network of friends who share their same interests.


If you have an idea for an invention, you may want to consider using InventHelp for invention ideas. This company specializes in helping modern inventors package their invention ideas and patent them. The DataBank includes over 9000 companies with confidentiality agreements looking to patent new ideas. Using InventHelp for invention ideas can help you find companies interested in your concept. InventHelp also assists with things like hiring a graphic illustrator. Once you have a great idea, it is important to protect it with a patent.

InventHelp's team will look at your idea with a fresh set of eyes. They will ask you tough questions, like what market do you want your invention to reach? What does it do better than others? What gaps does your invention fill? Is it unique? Or is it just another copy of an already existing product? It's not unusual for several similar inventions to exist in the market. By hiring InventHelp for invention ideas, you'll be assured of the best possible chance to make your idea a reality.


If you are a passionate sportsman or love the outdoors, you can submit your Escalade invention ideas to a manufacturing company. Escalade Inc. is looking for new products in the outdoor recreation, sports equipment, and fitness industries. You can submit an idea by filling out the online form and answering questions truthfully. The company will review your idea and contact you if it meets its needs. This company is open to new product ideas and looks for innovative and fun innovations.


FastCap inventors can take their invention ideas and market them through its catalog. FastCap pays royalties on the amount of money distributors actually pay for the product. Contributors earn money from the royalty based on how much distributors actually spend on the item. Paul encourages tradesmen and woodworkers to submit new ideas for products and services. Many products in the FastCap catalog feature the abbreviation DBC, which stands for "Developed by a Cabinetmaker."

If you'd like to submit an idea for a product, check out FastCap's Idea Program. They pay up to 300 thousand dollars for patents, and if they like your idea, they will patent it. FastCap is a world-renowned company in the woodworking industry, and they're always looking for new ideas. So, why wait any longer? Submit your idea today! You'll be glad you did.

Philip Morris International

Philip Morris International is a Swiss company that originated from a single tobacco shop in London. It evolved into several entities with partners. In 1894, William Curtis Thomson took over, retaining the founder's name. In 1919, the company expanded to the U.S., becoming Philip Morris & Co. Ltd. It was also incorporated in Virginia. The company's growth was slow, but the company's recent innovations are indicative of what lies ahead.

The company has filed patents for several invention idea. The following list includes patents for products developed by Philip Morris. It is important to note that this list does not reflect an overall decline in the number of patent applications. This is because the company files patents in different countries. The company's most cited patent, with 421 citations. Throughout the years, the company has made changes to focus its R&D efforts, but the numbers remain impressive.

Invent Therapy

A respiratory therapist named Catherine Abee came up with the concept of a heat-enhanced pulse oximeter that would improve the flow of blood and give an accurate reading. Her idea could be attached to a patient's finger or forehead, or even toes. The device would not only be more convenient, but it could also save the patient time by eliminating the need for a physician's office visit.

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