When is SmokeLab Vodka at Its Best?

Smoke Lab

SmokeLab vodka is at its best when you drink it with your friends and family members. All those who wish to enjoy a good time at home over the weekend can give this vodka variant a try. It is one of the best vodkas that you can try out if you have a taste for rice-based Indian vodka. Also, do try out both the variants of the Smoke Vodka (classic and aniseed) if you want to enjoy the best vodka-based cocktails at home with your family and friends.


Smoke Vodka is the best vodka brand in India. You can check it out right now if vodka is your favourite form of alcohol. SmokeLab vodka is the best bet for all those who want to drink the best cocktails (or even vodka and water).


Here is when Smoke Vodka is at its best:

When it is Combined With a Cocktail

Smoke Vodka is tailor-made for cocktails of all kinds. You can even mix different forms of alcohol together if you want to in order to give rise to a tangy delight. However, vodka is best enjoyed with a citrus juice or cola. If you really want to make the best cocktails and drinks, then do make it a point to use only SmokeLab vodka (you can use both its variants) if you want to.


When You Drink it With Smoke Water

You can drink your favourite Smoke Vodka variant with Smoke Water as well. If you want to cut down on your calorie intake, then vodka is the best bet for you. It contains just 60-65 calories. So, you do not have to worry much about weight gain if you plan on drinking vodka with water and nothing else. Drinking vodka cocktails will lead to an increase in the calories intake of the drinker because both juices and colas contain a lot of calories.


When You Pair it Up With a Bunch of Snacks

The best way to drink cocktail is: to pair it up with the best snacks and/or meals of your choice. In this way, the impact (intoxication) of the vodka won’t be much. Try out the best vodka variants and get ready to enjoy the best time of your life with friends and family. Go for it right now if you want to make your weekends happening and memorable.


SmokeLab Vodka is one of the best vodka brands that you can try out if you wish to drink Indian vodka that is made using basmati rice. This vodka is known for its aniseed and classic variants, along with the likes of Smoke Water and Smoke Wear. Try All of these out without fail if you call yourself a true fan of SmokeLab Vodka.

Smoke Lab
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