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Bring your ideas, and let us make Custom cream boxes for you!

lucas tayler
Bring your ideas, and let us make Custom cream boxes for you!

One of the most competitive industries is the food industry. Today, how you package food can make or break how well you do in the market. Think about the number of products in each aisle of your local supermarket. Use the pictures, colors, fonts, and information on our custom cream boxes to get people to buy them.creamboxes1.jpg

What do we need to think about when making our cream boxes?

The packaging has to be able to get the goods to the store while keeping them edible. Even though the shape and look of a product are important, the company that makes it has to ensure that the packaging is strong enough to keep the food from going bad or getting damaged during shipping.

We ensure the package can be easily carried and put on a shelf with other items. Even if it's good for you, food packaging that is too big or takes up too much space could be a hassle for the grocery store or even make it hard to put on the shelves. Our Manufacturers also have to think about how long the product might be on the shelf before a customer buys it. We'll have to put nutritional and content information somewhere on the packaging. If the packaging is too small, the design can get in the way.

We make sure that we have fun with colors and patterns.

Even though it's cheaper to keep things simple, we use patterns and bright colors. Once people know a brand, they are more likely to be loyal to it.

The most classy decorations and coatings

We can help you make your custom cream boxes look amazing, no matter what design you want, and at prices that any business owner can afford. You can choose the most exclusive decorations and finishes. You can look through the library of existing dies or ask for a new one. Custom Cream Boxes for All Markets

When your boxes are right on, it's easier for customers to see your product on the shelf. We can help you find the right boxes for every kind of cream:

  • Moisturizers
  •  Anti-aging
  • Care for the skin
  • Anti Acne

We've worked with over 5,000 happy customers, so we know all the latest trends and the best ways to print to make you stand out.creamboxes1.jpg

Match the packaging to the people you want to reach.

With the beauty industry growing constantly, opportunities exist, but it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. Brand identity is very important; you only have a few seconds to convince people to buy your cream. The key is ensuring the packaging is right for your audience. Please pay attention to what your customers believe and how they live. You don't want your clients to think that your box is too simple, flashy, or cheap. We have all the most popular coatings and decorations to make your boxes look great to your customers.

You can choose and mix add-ons like:

  •  Hot foil stamping – makes elements look metallic

Embossing makes parts of the box's surface stand out.

Debossing makes it look like things are built into the box's surface. Cut-outs let the customer see what the product looks like. Inside printing makes the experience of opening the box more interesting.


What do you make cream boxes out of?

Half of our white SBS (Solid Bleached Sulfate ) paperboard is made from recycled materials, and 30% of that is made from post-consumer waste. The Kraft Paperboard is made of recycled paper that has not been breached. Both of them can be used again.

How does the process of making packaging work?

Putting together a package is a process that we do with our clients. We look at your target market, the retail and competitive environment, Halcon packaging your brand's personality, the way your product works, and, of course, your budget and deadlines to come up with ideas and create packaging that will help you reach all of your goals.


Don't forget to try one of our custom cream boxes. We can offer better prices and low minimum orders because we handle every step of the manufacturing process ourselves. You also get free samples, free CAD templates, and free proofs before you print. When you place your order, you get access to an admin panel where you can see all the project steps and make changes if you need to.

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lucas tayler
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