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Ethyl Alcohol or Ethanol is a fundamental modern compound. It is utilized as a typical dissolvable and compound for various modern and logical purposes. Ethanol can be put to a few purposes like solvents, in the blend of other natural substances, and as an elective fuel source, where it is added to car gas. Our Denatured Ethanol is a general dissolvable. Here are a portion of its purposes in different enterprises:

Aromas and Personal Care Products:

Ethanol is generally used to weaken high thinks of fragrances on the grounds that unadulterated aroma fixings should be weakened to be alright for use on the human skin. Ethanol has an unbiased fragrance and doesn't respond with scents. It can likewise go about as a transporter of the natural ointments or the scent concentrate and permits the aroma to remain around you for a really long time. Chemstock Ethanol Alcohol Supplier in UAE supplies Ethanol for individual consideration item fabricate.

Restorative Solvents:

Ethanol is really used to clean the skin with liquor swabs before a needle infusion or medical procedure. The COVID 19 pandemic has considered Ethanol's broad utilization to be an essential sanitizer for the two patients and medical care suppliers. It can likewise be utilized in mouthwashes, colors, and hack and cold prescriptions. We are among the most solid UAE Ethanol Suppliers.

Sterilization and Disinfection:

Ethanol has interesting and strong germicidal properties and has the ability to denature proteins. It can successfully kill microscopic organisms, infections, parasites and different microorganisms. Because of this, it is broadly utilized in the huge scope creation of sanitizer fluids, solvents, and hand sanitizers. The Denatured Ethanol item by Chemstock Ethyl Alcohol Supplier in UAE can be utilized as the ideal sanitizer.


Ethanol is the essential constituent in the production of Ethyl Acetate, which is a normally utilized dissolvable. Ethanol is moderately less poisonous contrasted and different alcohols and can break up non-polar substances. Ethanol is utilized as a dissolvable in fragrances, clinical medications, and vegetable embodiments because of this property.

Printing Industry and Preservative Agent:

As an Ethanol Alcohol Supplier in UAE, Chemstock additionally supplies Ethanol for the printing and bundling industry. It is utilized in the printing business as a transporter to forestall the scattering of the printing ink on the substrate. It can likewise be utilized as a powerful additive for natural examples and in the modern creation of paints and stains.


Ethanol is a huge part of both refined and undistilled cocktails. The most well known cocktail, Beer, has 4%-6% ABV (Alcohol by Volume), while standard Wine has under 14% ABV. Invigorated Wines might have up to 20% ABV. Refined drinks like Gin, Brandy, Whiskey, Rum, and Tequila additionally have high ethanol focuses. We are a famous Ethyl Alcohol Supplier in Dubai.

Benefits and Uniqueness of Chemstock's Ethyl Alcohol Product

  1. Chemstock is a noticeable Ethyl Alcohol Supplier in UAE. We are the central producer and Ethanol Supplier in Dubai of Pharmaceutical grade of Ethyl Alcohol from a solitary source. The item is accessible as the extraordinary Ethanol ABSOLUTE 99.9% "OMNIS," which is an ethanol result of the greatest immaculateness, i.e., 99.99% unadulterated Ethyl Alcohol in Dubai.
  2. Our Ethanol item has zero Acetaldehyde and Methanol in Ethanol, making the item completely ok for a wide range of individuals.
  3. As Ethyl Alcohol Suppliers, we guarantee that all compartments and pressing gear are totally sanitized to make them impeccably pollution free.
  4. Chemstock Ethanol Supplier in Dubai keeps the greatest guidelines according to the systems of ISO 9001: 2015 norms for its item.
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