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Cowboy Hats – Facts and Types

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Cowboy Hats – Facts and Types

It was only in the 15th century that hats started being used as part of the code or used to complement any attire. These hats have evolved over the years and every time it has been tried with different types of materials like taffeta, velvet, silk, wool, felt, and leather.

However, it was found that the materials that you see above were not strong enough to make these hats were sturdy as over time these were subjected to the elements like rain, and snow to be precise and lost their shape and texture.

Interestingly, when hat weavers added beaver fur with felt or mixed felt and rabbit fur, the longevity of these hats was assured as they became weatherproof. Not only that the cowboy hats also retained their shape, which was essentially one of the main requisites.

During the 17th century, it was found that North America had an abundance of beaver and as such, these hats started being made right here.

Types of cowboy hats to explore

There are several hats that you can explore if you are a hat lover and wear often to complement your dress, whether formal or informal.

Aside from the ones that we are seeing here, you can try out leather cowboy hats as well which have always been in fashion and vogue.

You will find that most of the cowboy hats are made up of two materials, either straw or felt. The function of these two materials is different. When is the best time to wear the hats made up of these two materials?

You can wear straw cowboy hats during the summer and felt made cowboy hats can be worn during the winter months. However, at the end of the day, you can always deviate depending on the occasion or your sense of style and fashion. So, there is no specific rule of thumb, although as mentioned above these two materials are best worn during the above-mentioned season.

  • Straw hats

The origin of straw hats date to many thousands of years ago. You will find that using headgear that is made of lightweight material like straw has always been popular and is also a tradition.

To counter the extremely hot conditions in the desert heat during the Wild West period, these straw hats were made. If your straw hat has a floppy brim with a loose weave, you can use it as a casual hat. It is a style statement and a perfect accessory that you can flaunt during the summer season.

If you want a stylish look, go for the elegant-looking cowboy hats that are tightly woven, have detailed designs, retain the perfect shape, and are sealed for protection.

hat style outfit
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