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Why One-Page Web Design May Not Be For You

Daniel Denzel
Why One-Page Web Design May Not Be For You

Before approaching a web design company in New York to build a one-page website, it’s important to consider your business requirements and whether it’s suited for them or not.

A single-page website consists of one HTML page. Users may navigate the site by scrolling or clicking links that take them to the required section. JavaScript, jQuery, CSS3 or Ajax can be used to accomplish this.

In the increasingly minimalist age, one-page websites have caught the attention of many. Many business owners use an online one-page template or approach a web designer to create a sleek and simple site for them.

But many businesses soon discover that having just one page gets in the way of their goals. Single-page sites are meant to promote a single message. They make for a suitable tool for digital marketing in NJ when you have a single goal like getting people to download your app or selling tickets for one event.

This type of website design has many drawbacks that can hurt your goals in the long run.

Limited Keyword Targeting: Single-page websites are supposed to be designed around a single concept. This limits your ability to rank for a wide range of keywords. If you depend on Google to earn leads and want to rank for twenty or more keywords, then you’re better off asking your web design company in New York to create multiple webpages for your site. 

With multiple webpages, it’s easier to incorporate different keywords into different pages and attract a broader audience.

Content Lacks Details: One-page sites are designed to be concise. And this is even more crucial if you are going to describe multiple products/services on one page. This makes it hard for you to provide more details on different topics. So users may not find the information they need and leave your site feeling disappointed.

While there are cases where having little text works just fine, many businesses need to provide more details to convert visitors into customers.

Not Very Shareable: Having shareable content is an important booster for successful digital marketing in NJ. But with everything on one page, sharing a specific element becomes harder. 

Although social shares aren’t considered a ranking factor, a website’s ranking can be affected by how often its content is shared. Moreover, your site may not have much to share anyway considering that keeping things concise is the core of a good single-page web design.

Slow Page Loading Speed: When you dump all the text, pictures, videos and graphics that are supposed to go on different pages on one page, that page becomes very large. This causes the website to load slower because the browser has to load more data from the server, ultimately negatively impacting your conversion rate.

May Confuse Users: Most users have a short attention span and some may find one-page sites confusing. Users shouldn’t have to figure out how to use your website just because you want something different. A web design company in New York should always prioritize user-friendliness and easy navigation.

With multiple pages, users have a choice of which path to pick and can find relevant information with ease. This is harder to achieve with only one webpage.

You May Need Coders: Most templates allow you to edit the site based on your needs but are limited in their flexibility. If you aren’t an expert in coding languages, you’ll need a web developer to add more fancy features to the website. And this is quite the cost for a small business.

No Content Silos: Content siloing is all about structuring the site into main areas of interest to demonstrate your expertise. It boils down to organizing the website into categories and subcategories to best display your content and prevent a disorganized mess. Cramming everything on one page easily results in the latter.

Hard to Know What Works: Tools like Google Analytics (GA) are supposed to give insight into how users use your website, which pages they exit on and which are the most popular. These insights are unavailable when your website has only one page, making it harder to know what works. You can use scroll depth tracking tools to see how deep your users go but lose out on detailed insights GA can give.

Yet another reason to ask your web design company in New York to build multi-page sites for your businesses.

Daniel Denzel
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