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Second Chance Jobs for Felons

Ric Drasin
Second Chance Jobs for Felons

Many people believe that felons should never be allowed to work after prison. However, this opinion does not take into account the fact that most felons have a strong work ethic and would rather be earning income than not. Employers who give second chances to ex-felons often discover this themselves once they meet the new employees. Through making an effort to help these people, employers are helping to improve the lives of many people.

A majority of felons have a high chance of finding a new job after being released from prison. Most employers believe that having a job after prison will help ex-felons become more independent and reduce their risk of returning to prison. Some employers even offer special training programs for ex-felons so they can gain the necessary skills for stable employment. Many felons have a difficult time finding jobs due to their criminal history and a lack of experience in the workplace. However, with enough hard work and patience, it's possible for anyone to find a good job after prison.

In order for felons to get a new job after prison, most employers prefer that felons have a strong work ethic and a positive attitude. This is in line with how most employers feel about employees generally— they prefer those who are easy to work with and positive in their attitude towards their job. This also helps reduce absenteeism since it makes it easier for ex-felon employees to focus on their jobs instead of feeling out of place by how they are treated at work. Felons who find jobs through this method are usually happy with their new situation as it gives them the stability needed to properly address any issues resulting from their past crimes.

Felons face a high level of competition in the job market due:

1) to a lack of experience

2) to a reputation from their past crime

3) not having access to benefits most other workers enjoy such as paid leave or health insurance.

Although there is no way around gaining experience or overcoming negative perceptions from previous employers, these issues can be mitigated by seeking out employers willing to give second chances when seeking employment anew. Taking this route significantly reduces the risk faced by many felons wishing to change careers once they’ve served their time in prison

Many convicted criminals turn out to be good workers once given the chance— and this is true for both those seeking employment again following release from prison as well as those looking for jobs for the first time since completing their sentence. Strong work ethic, positive attitude, and an understanding employer are all required factors for obtaining stable employment post-release from jail or prison— but anyone can achieve these goals if they are willing to put forth the necessary effort.

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Ric Drasin
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