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Welcome to Pakistan’s 1st Biggest Online Grocery Shopping Platform

Ali Ahsan
Welcome to Pakistan’s 1st Biggest Online Grocery Shopping Platform

WBM.COM.PK is the 1st Biggest Grocery Store in Pakistan that is working in 100+ countries for the last 25 years and started working in Pakistan in 2022. WBM.COM.PK is offering 100% Natural & Pure Food Products.

We are committed to you

We are committed to quality, customer satisfaction, and environmentally sustainable growth. We provide quality with a 100% money-back guarantee. The best sources for the ingredients are used, and they are processed utilizing highly integrated methodologies. High-tech equipment and hygienically clean handling and processing of premium ingredients preserve the nutrition and quality of our products.

We Promise Purity, We Guarantee Grocery Freshness

The primary objective of WBM.COM.PK is to offer world food products that are 100% Naturally Pure. In equal measure, the product's purity and freshness are guaranteed. To assure the claimed quality, purity, and freshness of the product, every product goes through a thorough round of laboratory testing. WBM.COM.PK has upheld its commitment to purity and freshness to its consumers for almost 25 years.

We only bring the healthiest groceries, straight from the farm to your plate. It's like putting food in the packaging in its true, unadulterated form. Neither low-quality ingredients nor additives are employed. Additionally, the same quality and service standards are provided anywhere in the world.

100% Money Back Guarantee without any Question

WBM.COM.PK promises to offer consumers a 100% money-back guarantee to change the online scamming concept. Because it is a well-known fact that a single negative customer experience may significantly impact how a consumer perceives a brand as a whole.

Despite using the product 80%, are you still not satisfied? RETURN IT TO GET 100% OF YOUR MONEY BACK!

We are committed to Sustainable Future

WBM.COM.PK is working to raise community living standards by emphasizing sustainable development in a cooperative effort to maintain a healthy way of life and a clean environment. Products are packed in eco-friendly biodegradable material.

Top Grocery Products Online in Pakistan

WBM offers a wide selection of fresh grocery essentials under the umbrella of Himalayan Chef. Pure foods that have been freshly made. We always fulfill our promises! Our main goal in being here is to ensure that individuals can get pure food products at one step. We are offering:

·        Long grain Basmati Rice

·        Himalayan Chef Pink Salt

·        100% Natural Spices & Seasoning

·        100% Pure Oils

·        100% Natural Pulses

·        Dry Fruits

·        Flours

·        Pink Salt Cooking Plates

100% Natural Long Grain Basmati Rice Online in Pakistan

Himalayan Chef Basmati rice is the best quality Basmati Rice in Pakistan. The Himalayan Mountains are the source of our Premium Quality Basmati Rice. Long Grain Basmati Rice is non-sticky, each grain retains its distinctiveness and allows sauces to flavor grains equally. Our Basmati Rice contains all the necessary nutrients, making them more nutrient-dense than ordinary white rice.

·        Premium Quality Basmati Rice: This high-quality aromatic grain is produced in this region by the perfect symbiosis of a temperate climate, fertile soil, and pure water. There are no pesticides or fertilizers used in their cultivation.

·        Long Grain Basmati Rice: Our Basmati Rice is almost two times longer than conventional white rice. They absorb enough water and gain the double size of their original length.

·        Aged Basmati Rice: Long Grain Basmati Rice is aged for more than two years to bring natural mouthwatering flavor and aroma.

Key Features of Himalayan Chef Basmati Rice

·        100% Natural Basmati Rice

·        Extra Long Grain Basmati Rice

·        Aromatic & Fluffy Premium Quality Basmati Rice

·        Aged Over 2 Years

·        Non-Sticky

·        Delightful Taste

·        Naturally Free from Cholesterol & Gluten

100% Pure Spices & Seasoning Products Online in Pakistan

WBM.COM.PK Spices and Seasonings are sourced from the foothills of the Himalayas and are made from the highest quality crops. These are the best Natural Spices in Pakistan. They are perfectly ground, 100% natural, and free of preservatives, artificial additives, and contaminants.

Our spices come in Zip-Lock Craft Packaging to maintain their freshness and purity. Processing and packaging are done by obeying all International Food Safety Standards.


Natural Spices in Pakistan

We think that the foundation of truly delicious and nutrient-dense food is made up of only natural herbs and spices. We are here to assist all cooks, whether they are chefs or just home cooks, in adding nutritious foods to their menus. Together, let's make food as organic as we can for healthier lives. In addition to their culinary use, many spices provide health advantages.

Key Features of Himalayan Chef Spices & Seasoning

·        100% Natural & Pure Spices

·        Tasty, Healthy, Sustainable

·        Comes from Rich Lands

·        Free of Preservatives & Artificial Colors & Flavor

·        Naturally Rich in Antioxidants

·        Ground to perfection

·        Best Price

84 Minerals Pink Salt Online in Pakistan

WBM Pink Salt is ranked as the world’s No: 01 pink salt with a 100% purity rate. We hand-minded the pink salt from the Himalayan Foothills. Organically filled with 84+ minerals. We bring Himalayan Salt unrefined & unprocessed to our customers with a distinctly delectable flavor and an extraordinary healing effect. Comes in different sizes (Fine/Coarse) and packaging (Craft, Glass/Plastic Grinder).

Himalayan Pink Salt with Natural Spices

We flavor Natural Himalayan Pink Salt with Natural Spices to enhance the taste of your meals. A variety of flavors, including rainbow peppercorn with Himalayan pink salt, chipotle pepper with Himalayan pink salt, roasted onion, roasted garlic with Himalayan pink salt, and crushed red pepper with Himalayan pink salt, are available in the Himalayan Chef pink salt grinders.

Key Features of Himalayan Chef Pink Salt

·        100% Natural Himalayan Pink Salt

·        Contain 84 Essential Minerals

·        Judged No: 01 Tasting Salt

·        Unprocessed & Unrefined

·        Make your food enticing and nutritious

·        No-MSG (Mono Sodium Glutamate)

Premium Quality Flour Online in Pakistan

WBM.COM.PK is providing 100% natural ready-to-use whole grain flours. The variety of whole grain flours made the Himalayan Chef a leading brand in the natural marketplace. We responsibly sourced our grain from the Himalayas where it is grown in a completely natural environment. We begin our responsible sourcing process by carefully choosing wheat grains produced by local farmers as we think that adopting optimal farming techniques results in healthier products.

Furthermore, we crushed the grains mechanically under the supervision of our food experts. We provide a wide range of flours including multigrain flours.

Multigrain Flour in Pakistan

We are providing a range of multigrain flours targeting common concerns of people such as weight loss, gluten intolerance, and diabetes.

Key Features of Himalayan Chef Flour

·        100% Natural & Pure

·        Made with Whole Grains

·        High in Nutrients & Fiber

·        Smooth Texture

·        Non-Clumsy

·        Certified Non-GMO

·        Grown & Milled Following USDA Laws

Natural Pulses & Beans Online in Pakistan

WBM offers Premium Quality 100% Natural Pulses free from any hazardous chemicals and preservatives. We guarantee the highest level of freshness and taste. Clean, ready-to-use, and packaged in a manner that is both environmentally responsible and maintains the product's overall quality.

Key Features of Himalayan Chef Pulses & Beans

·        100% Natural & Pure

·        Rich Flavor

·        Naturally Fresh

·        Certified Non-GMO

·        Ready to Use

Buy 100% Natural Dry Fruits Online in Pakistan

We provide a variety of dry fruits that are pure, natural, and jam-packed with nutrients. We have been delivering flavor and freshness straight from the farm to your plate. Presenting a vast variety of dry fruits on a global scale, largely ethically derived from fertile Mediterranean Regions. The strictest quality control standards are used in the cultivation and harvest of dried fruits to guarantee their consistency and purity.

Key Features of Himalayan Chef Dry Fruits

·        100% Natural

·        Unrefined

·        Delicious Taste

·        Nutrients Powerhouse

·        Low in Sugar

Buy Pure & Natural Oils Online in Pakistan

Our Pure Oils are all-purpose cooking and baking oils that are 100% pure, natural, and free of saturated fats. Chemicals and additives are absent from all of our Pure Oils. Our oils come in inventive, practical, and hygienic packaging and bring natural flavor and aroma to each recipe.

Key Features of Himalayan Chef Pure Oils

·        100% Pure Oils

·        Zero Preservatives

·        Zero Chemicals

·        Neutral Flavor

·        Contain Polyunsaturated Fats

Why Buy Groceries Online from WBM.COM.PK

WBM International is providing quality products to customers as the Biggest Grocery Store in Pakistan. There is no need to visit multiple stores in search of grocery products. You can easily locate them on our Online Grocery Store in Pakistan and have them delivered to your home at your convenience.

Our main goal is to give our customers the most comfort and ease when receiving All Natural and Pure Food. We are constantly considering ways to facilitate consumers because that is the sole group of people with whom we are primarily concerned. The idea of everyone living under one umbrella was what we felt was most lacking in the Pakistani market. Your preferred product is now available at reasonable pricing.

You Can Buy from an Online Grocery App in Pakistan

WBM International Online is a leading provider of online grocery products in Pakistan. Under one roof, WBM.COM.PK offers a full selection of groceries. Along with multiple online websites and platforms, we also have online grocery apps to facilitate customers. These apps make online shopping more quick and innovative. Our apps include “WBM Start” and “Retail Solution”

Easy Secure Payment Solutions

Customer facilitation is our priority. We are providing all possible secure payment methods. WBM.COM.PK gives its clients a variety of simple online payment options. Customers can choose to pay securely with a credit or debit card or choose the Cash on Delivery (COD) option. Other payment options, such as easy paisa and jazz cash, are also offered to help the clients.

For the Best Price, Deals, and Others, Order Online in Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and Faisalabad

One of the main benefits of online shopping is the deals and offers. Every other day we present special offers that allow our customers to buy their desired products almost at half price. Cashback, free delivery, and coupons attract our customers all over Pakistan. We also offer amazing deals on special cultural and religious occasions such as Eid, Cultural Festivals, etc. 

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