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How to Wholesale Fidget Toys from China 2022

How to Wholesale Fidget Toys from China 2022

In the past two years, fidget toys has become an emerging hot category. Until now, many clients have asked us about wholesale fidget toys from China. If you also want to wholesale fidget toys from China, you have come to the right place! As the best Yiwu agent with many years of experience, we have prepared a complete import guide for you, hope it will help.

A wealth of data shows that fidget toys are good for people, most notably in that they can help people improve concentration, focus on the task at hand, and reduce anxiety. If you browse youtube or tiktok, you will see how popular fidget toys are. Due to the wide variety of fidget toys, some buyers may find it difficult to choose which is the most profitable. Next, let's take a look at several hot fidget toys.

1.Most Popular Fidget Toys

1) Bubble Pop It Toys

Without a doubt, this is one of the most beloved fidget toys. Its "Last Mouse Lost" is one of our favorite little games when people hang out with friends. The rule is that players take turns pressing a certain number of bubbles during the game, and whoever presses the last bubble loses. Because this kind of pop it toys is very popular, many series of products have been derived, there are many unique designs. In the fidget toys industry, wholesale pop it toys from China occupy the largest share. Manufacturers of pop it toys are also the most.

wholesale fidget toys china

wholesale fidget toys china

Pop It Wholesale

2) Mochi Squishy Animals Fidget Toys

Definitely one of the best toys for stress relief. They are very soft, like mochi. These toys are hard to break even if you squeeze too hard. Common shapes are various small animals, such as cats, mice, pandas, and unicorns.

wholesale fidget toys china

3) Small infinite cube

A very mini infinite Rubik's cube, you can take it with you wherever you go and play at any time. Generally speaking, this kind of Rubik's cube is made by first making 8 small cubes, then dividing them into two parts in two ways, and then sticking them together.

wholesale fidget toys china

4) Reversible Octopus Toy

Reversible octopus toys have been a hot topic on TikTok for the past two years. Not only is it a super soft and cuddly plush toy, it's also a simple and effective emotional communication tool. With just a flip, it's easy to tell others how you're feeling and relieve stress. In addition to the octopus shape, these reversible toys have many other shapes, such as: unicorn, cat, sea turtle, etc.

wholesale fidget toys china4

5) Kids Fidget Toys Dice

6 unique dice with different functions. The exact function will vary according to each dice. Commonly there will be buttons or balls or joysticks. People who usually like to press ballpoint pens might like this.

wholesale fidget toys china

Other Popular Fidget Toys:

6) "Big Big" Enter button

I sometimes can't help but guess it's a toy for the computer staff.

A huge enter button, used by connecting to the usb port. When your computer crashes again, or a file you're working on suddenly crashes, you might as well vent your anger by hitting this giant cute Enter button. You will find it a nice fidget toy.

7) Pineapple Stress Ball

It will have some different feelings from the above two fidget toys. It has become softer to the touch, and some have some beads inside, usually rubber, to increase the player's feel when squeezing. You can also use rice, flour, etc. to fill this fidget toys.

wholesale fidget toys china

8) The "flexible" Monkey Noodle

Its elasticity is addictive. With constant tugging and resetting, the Monkey Noodle feels pretty good, somewhat similar to the Mochi Squishy Animals Toys, but it's longer and softer.

wholesale fidget toys china

9) Marble and mesh

These fidget toys have very bright grids that can be bent and squeezed at will. The marbles in the grid can roll back and forth, giving the player another touch.

wholesale fidget toys china

There are many other types of China fidget toys, and the styles are very rich. In general, these types of toys are cheap, generally under $1. Because the unit price is relatively low, the requirements for customization are relatively high, and the minimum order quantity is at least 10,000 pieces. So few customers will choose custom fidget toys. Most of them are wholesale factory existing toy styles or make some changes in color, size, packaging.

If you haven't wholesaled fidget toys from China before, you are worried that there will be a great risk of sales. You can try wholesale a small amount of fidget toys first, combined with wholesale of some conventional toys. Generally speaking, as long as the sales strategy is right, you can make a decent profit.

Note: Price and quality are often proportional, and you can't blindly pursue the lowest price. For example, some products that look the same but have different prices actually have different materials. Because it is difficult to tell the quality of the toy from the photo, the buyer adds a great difficulty when choosing.

If you want to import toys from China, and collect multiple samples to get the best one-stop sourcing export service, you can contact us to help you -- as a China sourcing agent with 23 years of experience, with our rich supplier resources , we have helped many customers import toys from China, greatly reducing their import costs and saving a lot of time.

2.How to Find a Reliable Supplier of Fidget Toys in China

As a big toy manufacturing country, China has many toy suppliers, and fidget toys is no exception. If you want to wholesale fidget toys from China and find many suppliers at once, the following locations are perfect for you.

1) Zhejiang Yiwu Toy Wholesale

Yiwu has the largest wholesale market in China, in which toys account for a very important proportion.

Because of the popularity of fidget toys in recent years, there are many fidget toys suppliers in Yiwu market. Of course, besides fidget toys, there are many other types of toys on the market, such as wooden toys, electric toys, kitchen toys, etc. Because here brings together toy suppliers from all over China, you can always find the products you are looking for, and easily keep up with the latest toy trends. Yiwu toys can't be said to be the best quality, but can be said to be the cheapest.

2) Shantou Chenghai Toys Wholesale

There are 8500+ plastic toys suppliers here, if you want to wholesale some nice plastic toys, this is a good choice.

But it should be noted that silicone toys are only one type of plastic toys, not all. The price of Chenghai toys will be slightly higher than other regions, because the materials are better. If you are looking for high quality, this is a good choice. But if you want to wholesale toys at a lower cost, take a look at Yiwu.

3) Guangdong Dongwan Toys Wholesale

Although toys are not the main industry of Dongwan, there are many silicone factories here. As silicone toys, fidget toys can also be produced by these silicone factories. It can be said that this is probably the place where you can find the best quality fidget toys, but the price will also be higher.

Besides, there are many other ways to wholesale fidget toys from China. For specific content, you can read : How to find reliable Chinese suppliers online and offline. You will find that finding a supplier isn't as difficult as you think, but the most important thing is to choose a professional supplier, which can avoid many problems.

3.What is the most important thing to pay attention to when wholesale fidget toys from China?

Because it is made of silicone, some unscrupulous merchants may use poor quality plastic. This kind of bad plastic not only fails the national security inspection and customs inspection, but also has a pungent odor, which is harmful to the human body.

For a category like toys that come into close contact with people, safety must be the first element. So no matter which supplier you cooperate with, the first requirement must be for them to provide relevant certificates of product quality, such as CE certificates. Or buy samples, test the quality, or ask a third party to test the factory qualification and the quality of the goods for you.

The second is to check whether the product is infringing. For example, the square and round shape of the toy was registered as a trademark by the manufacturer in October 2020, and once used, it is an infringement and faces huge damages.


That's all for today's content about fidget toys. If you want to wholesale fidget toys, get the latest trends and quotations, you can leave a message on the website or contact us by email. Wholesale toys from China do have a lot to pay attention to. If you want to avoid import problems, save costs and time, you can learn about our services. We provide the best one-stop export solution.

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