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What is The Difference Between a Deep Clean And a Standard Clean?

What is The Difference Between a Deep Clean And a Standard Clean?

Cleaning a whole house has never been and is still not easy. Though regular upkeep and cleanliness are necessary, and everyone does it, you do need to deep clean to keep your house at times. This maintains the overall health and ambiance of your home. However, everyone has a busy life, and the best thing you can do is hire a cleaning service for these jobs. Cleaning services can provide you with both regular or standard cleaning and deep cleaning. These cleaning services are generally the most in demand. So before hiring a cleaning service, you first need to know the difference between both. In this article, you will find out all you need to know about deep cleaning and standard cleaning.

Regular or Standard Cleaning

When you hire a cleaning service for "standard" or "regular cleaning," it generally involves the cleaning tasks that you might do weekly. The principal purpose of standard cleaning is to help maintain a certain level of cleanliness in your home. Since standard cleaning will not be as thorough as deep cleaning, it will cost lesser. Regular or standard cleanings are generally done based on a schedule because this type of cleaning is more about your house's maintenance and general upkeep. For example, if you hire a cleaning service for standard cleaning, they would come to your home once or twice a month, depending on how often you want your home cleaned. Here are the general services that are included in regular or standard cleaning services-

  1. The cleaners sweep, clean, and mop all the floors in the room of your house. Rugs and carpets are also vacuumed.
  2. Surfaces of furniture, appliances, mirrors, and windows are wiped clean.
  3. The shower and bathroom get cleaned and disinfected. Everything in the kitchen, such as cooking tops and all the appliances, is also cleaned.
  4. All kinds of bacterial growth, such as mold, mildew, etc., are removed.
  5. The cleaners make the beds, remove cobwebs from all the rooms, dust the vents, take out the trash, and clean all the doors and window frames.

Deep Cleaning

The primary difference between deep cleaning and standard cleaning is the attention to detail given during a deep clean. As mentioned above, regular cleaning is best for the general maintenance of your house. But deep cleaning is the best choice if you want a more extensive home cleaning.

Deep cleaning involves all the work. It is the complete rundown of your home in which the cleaners pay extra attention to the neglected spots and the ones that are hard to reach. This means that the places in your house you can only reach by using a stool will be wiped clean by hand. The best thing about deep cleaning is that your house's overall liveability and sanitation improve. You would already know that since deep cleaning involves many more procedures than a standard cleaning, the cost of it is also higher. Besides that, it is also a time-consuming process. So, make sure you don't have any extra appointments planned!


Whether you need help with the general upkeep of your house or a more thorough cleaning, you can choose between a standard and deep clean. One thing that you must keep in mind is that most companies require you to do a deep clean if you are a first-time customer. However, this is a great choice, and after the first time, you can easily switch to weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly plans of a standard cleaning.

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