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How To Write A Dissertation Without Using Any Paraphrasing Tool

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How To Write A Dissertation Without Using Any Paraphrasing Tool

The most frequent problem that any academic writer runs into when preparing a research paper or dissertation is plagiarism. Avoiding plagiarism and effectively paraphrasing your thoughts yourself rather than using a paraphrasing tool will lower the similarity score in the report if the plagiarism-checking programs are giving you a high similarity score. In this post, we will offer you some instructions on how to paraphrase without the use of any paraphrasing software as well as some pointers on how to write a dissertation without plagiarism.

Why Paraphrasing Is Necessary:

Paraphrasing is important when you are conducting academic research since you have to refer to the literature again and again. It gets cumbersome to reference every single sentence, and you do not want to rely too much on direct quotes because then you would just be duplicating what other people have written without adding your own interpretation or opinions.

Additionally, paraphrasing demonstrates to readers your comprehension of the stuff you have read and your ability to critically analyze and debate it. However, keep in mind that you must still cite whatever you paraphrase in the text in order to avoid being accused of plagiarism.

How To Paraphrase:

It turns out that when paraphrasing text, utilizing your own interpretation and comprehension is preferable to using a paraphrasing program. However, independent text paraphrasing requires some expertise and practice. You might find some of the tips below helpful:

Comprehend The Material You Are Paraphrasing:

It takes more than rearranging a few words or the arrangement of thoughts to paraphrase. It involves reading the information, perhaps from a number of sources, thinking critically about it, and then expressing your ideas in your own words while referencing the information as necessary.

If you do not fully comprehend the text you are about to paraphrase, you risk creating new text that is too similar to the original or paraphrasing it wrong. Consider it this way the goal of paraphrasing is to condense the information into a form that is understandable to a friend. But keep in mind that this is still academic writing and you must be cautious of your tone and terminology.

Get To Work:

It is not simple to paraphrase, and there are many steps involved. Also, it is time-consuming. It entails going over the original information numerous times, making notes, and making sure you comprehend it completely. Once you have your notes and have given the subject some attention, paraphrase them. It is possible that you do not grasp the content but you believe you do. You must be honest with yourself.

Be Innovative:

Remember to mix up your sentence structure, use longer or shorter phrases, and switch from passive to active voice in addition to incorporating your own ideas, style, and synthesis of the study. Making alterations to the original text's syntax constitutes true paraphrasing. This will be simpler if you have critically thought through and comprehended the subject matter. For this step you need to go through the following instructions:

Utilize Synonyms:

Using synonyms and similar words to paraphrase a text demonstrates your command of a diverse enough vocabulary. To locate synonyms, you can use different apps, but do not use them excessively. It is completely permissible to utilize some of the same words as the original text; you are not obliged to eliminate all of them. Make sure the synonym accurately describes the word you are altering before using it.

Modify The Sentence Structure:

You must modify the sentence structure when paraphrasing appropriately. You can alter a sentence's voice, break up big sentences, merge small ones, extend phrases for clarity or shorten them for conciseness when changing a sentence's structure.

Alter The Word Sequence:

A sentence's meaning can be changed while maintaining its consistency in word order. Finding synonyms is almost always easier than changing the word order in a phrase. You might need to add a few words to the statement to make it full when you wish to modify the order. Change the clauses' order if the main sentence contains two or more. Change the adjective to the relative clause if the main sentence contains both an adjective and a noun.

How To Avoid Plagiarism In Dissertation:

Listed below are the tips to help you avoid plagiarism while writing your dissertation:

  1. Cite quotation sources to prevent plagiarism. Common meanings and phrases must be used in general sayings and quotes without alteration in order to prevent copying.
  2. Avoid reusing online content. Do not replicate any words or sentences from the original internet sources because, in the age of the internet, plagiarism software reports often strong similarities from online sources. Include the accessed date and the relevant URL in the citation when using online sources.


Speaking of internet age, hiring a professional to write a dissertation online has become fairly popular. But by using our service Buy Dissertation Online, which is just a click away, you can write your dissertation yourself without making use of any paraphrasing tool.

3.Cite images from a different source. Despite the fact that plagiarism reports cannot detect similarities in graphics or equations, it is still a good idea to properly cite any multimedia sources like copyrighted images, books, journals, websites, videos, and so on. Give the source's author due credit when using Creative Commons (CC) images.

4.Source reference for statistical information. More sensitive material, such as statistical data, must be cited with relevant studies, surveys, or research findings. The authenticity and dependability of the edited study content will be enhanced by the use of statistical data.

5.Before beginning an explanation, read the original material multiple times and make sure you understand it.

6.Make it a habit to always include the "references" section while writing academic material.

7.Before submitting your document, double-check all of your citations.

8.Finally, to confirm the originality of the prepared content, obtain a plagiarism report from any well-known plagiarism detecting software.


Even if your study methodology and results are noteworthy, some sections of the content may be plagiarized or rewritten from different sources, which plagiarism detectors like Turnitin can reveal. Using your own ideas and understanding is always the best option. Your writing confidence may rise as a result of producing original work, and you will also prevent plagiarism.

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