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Can I Keep a Rabbit as an ESA? guide - 2022

Adam Knight

Visiting a therapist is such a bold and important decision to be made by someone who has been suffering from depression, anxiety, or any other psychological disorder. I must appreciate your courage to finally take a step ahead toward the treatment of your mental illness. 


ESA therapy is the most effective and popular therapy that is often recommended to patients by their psychologist or therapist. Emotional support animals are trained to treat people through their friendly behavior, love, and warmth. You need to have a legitimate esa letter for housing to be able to keep an ESA animal. 


ESA Animals 

Mostly cats and dogs are used as emotional support animals but there are options as well as rabbits, birds, snakes, mini pigs, rats, and other domesticated animals. Any kind of domesticated animal can help its owner heal from mental illness. 

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Reasons To Keep Rabbit As An ESA


  • Rabbits are gentle and loving 


You may ask someone who has ever kept rabbits if they have a better idea about how loving and gentle rabbits are by nature. Rabbits tend to make a strong bond with their owner quickly. The loving and caring nature of rabbits is one of the reasons why rabbits are an ideal emotional support animal. Rabbits who have a strong bond with their owner recognize their owners just by hearing their voices. Isn’t it the cutest thing ever? 

However, one thing should be clear here, you may have a pet and it may serve as an emotional support animal. But it can not be called an emotional support animal unless you emotional support dog letter but for the rabbit, you require an Emotional support rabbit letter.


Even more amazing is that rabbits understand the actions of humans and learn to come when they are called by their names. 



  • Rabbits do not require a lot of space



Some people feel hesitant to keep an ESA animal because of the less space they have in their apartment. Rabbits do not occupy too much space. You can keep your emotional support Rabbit in an apartment or a small house but only if you have an esa letter. A big dog may require a lot more space as compared to a rabbit. A little box or unlocked caged can be used as a feeding station for rabbits. Although caging rabbits is not recommended. 


  • Rabbits Are Easier to train


Rabbits are easy to train. They tend to learn quickly and they require little guidance for house training. Bunnies are the cutest animals and their response to positive reinforcement is very well. They learn to perform tricks quickly. You just give them carrots and bananas and boom they are ready to get trained in no time. 


  • Rabbits live longer 


Rabbits live longer than most animals like weasels and cats, who tend to have shorter lives. You can expect an ESA rabbit to live at least ten or more years. 

How to get an ESA Rabbit 

You can get an ESA rabbit by following proper legal procedure. It is mandatory to get an ESA Rabbit Letter to be able to keep a rabbit. You can get an esa letter online through an authentic website that connects you with a certified therapist or a licensed psychologist. You can check an emotional support animal letter sample on the site. Moreover, a legitimate letter will contain the signature of your therapist, animal type, date of issue, and expiry date for the letter. You have to be careful while selecting a website to ensure its authenticity and reliability.

Be careful not to fall for any cheap offers that promise you quick registration for your ESA, as there is no such requirement. The actual requirement is for an LMHP to evaluate your condition and issue you a genuine letter. 

Once you accept your therapist, they ask you to fill an evaluation form to determine your mental condition. If he or she recommends you an ESA therapy, an email will be sent to you that will contain all the essential information regarding esa letter online, the therapist’s details, animal type, etc. 


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