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Things to Consider With Laptop Cases for Macbook

Emma Taylor
Things to Consider With Laptop Cases for Macbook

Laptop cases for MacBook can be beneficial in a variety of ways.


One benefit of a laptop case for MacBook is the added protection it can give your device. Protecting a MacBook against the occasional bumps, drops and scratches can be a real boon. There are plenty of cases available for it, but none are as easy to pick up and carry around as the polycarbonate-based OtterBox Defender Series case.

There are three modes of protection to consider:

• The first mode is simple, just cover your computer in something that will protect it from bumps, drops and scratches.

• The second mode is harder to do without investing in a more robust case — my personal favourite is the Microsoft Lumia 950 XL's removable back cover that doubles as both a screen protector (and a screen protector) while also offering an additional layer of protection against bumps, drops and scratches.

• The third mode is where you get into the “Apple” territory with this very thin protective shell that offers some level of protection against all three of those things (bumps, drops and scratches).

Depending on your needs, this can be the right solution for you: protecting your MacBook from those pesky random scratches; giving it an extra layer of dust and moisture resistance; or keeping it dust-free while offering additional screen protection. 

If you go for one with some degree of shock resistance though, make sure that it doesn't come at any cost to the device itself. Otherwise if you drop your laptop once or twice it will certainly limit its ability to perform at its best. 

That being said though if you do drop it once or twice then the extra protection offered by a case should be worthwhile — especially when compared to what comes with most cheaper laptops anyway (which usually aren't much more durable than what comes free with them).  


Another benefit of a laptop case for a MacBook is that it can help you personalise the look of your device.

I have been using a laptop case for my MacBook Pro over the past year and in fact, the one I am talking about is from Conair. It’s made of a soft material that feels nice and smooth to the touch, it has a strap to hold it closed and you can see the buttons on the front of it when it’s opened. 

It also comes with two compartments for your keys – although only one of these is useful. The other one works as a pouch for things like cash, papers or your tablet (which you probably don’t want to take with you).

I personally love this case because of its shape and size (it fits very well). I like that everything is accessible through the side flap without having to open up the whole thing.

Ports and Buttons

Some laptop cases for MacBook also include features that can help protect the ports and buttons on your device.

There are a few different types of laptop cases out there, and most of them are made for either the MacBook Pro or the MacBook Pro 2-in-1. Less commonly seen, though, is a laptop case built specifically for the MacBook Air — though it is certainly a trend I’m seeing more and more of.

Apple itself has just released its own line of MacBook cases with built-in ports , including one that can handle Thunderbolt 3 connections in addition to USB-C. The company is also experimenting with adding Lightning connectors to its cases .

This latest design from Axiom Designs adds a Lightning port on the side so you can charge your iPhone with one hand while listening to music on headphones.

The case also features an integrated card reader for Apple Pay, as well as two USB 3.0 ports and an SD card slot . It's available in both aluminium and brushed metal finishes .

This might be the first case for a laptop that doesn't only bolster your laptop's screen but also its ports . The Case Laptop Case attaches magnetically to your laptop using magnets embedded into the plastic "lid" of your new case. That means you'll never lose any accessories while you're working on your computer — not even your phone!

Designed by Dean Albeu (who previously worked at Apple), this case has an open top design that lets air circulate around the device and keeps it cool thanks to dual slots for fans inside the computer's venting system. Since it's designed as an open top case, you don't need to worry about covering any ports when you're working on your computer — like those annoying little tiny holes cut into laptops you see too often these days.


Some laptop cases for MacBook also offer additional storage options, which can be helpful if you travel frequently with your device.

Most laptop cases for macbook laptops have a place for some kind of storage, and there are a number of options to fit your needs. In the case of a laptop case that offers additional storage, how much storage space do you need? How often will you use it? Perhaps you’re not sure what to do with your extra space.

We’ve had many questions like these, so we thought we would answer them. What is the right size computer case for your needs? Which features can you get out of this small computer case? Which one has the best design, feel and layout? We’ll help you find it.


It is important to make sure that the laptop case you select is compatible with your specific model of MacBook.

There are a lot of different models of MacBooks, but the most popular ones tend to be the 13" and 11". The following table summarises the differences between them:

Note that there are a few laptops that are not listed here (such as the newer Macbook Pro or Macbook Air, which are not considered laptops).

Even though all laptop cases will work with any model of laptop, it is important to check that your case is compatible with your specific model of laptop. Also, there is a good chance that your case may have features that simply do not work with any other case. 

There are many photos on the internet showing different laptops together with various types of cases (they usually have their lengths in centimetres) and you can see which one works with which case. 

This is very useful for finding out if your case will fit your specific model because it shows whether it has enough space to accommodate all the components on your laptop and also whether it has a bottom panel at all. Or if you want to find out whether or not there's space for accessories like cables without removing the battery compartment cover.


There are many benefits to using a laptop case for a MacBook. Choose the case that best meets your needs to help protect your investment and keep your device looking its best.

Many laptop users, especially those who buy laptops as a second or third screen, are tempted to buy a ruggedized or water-resistant case for the MacBook. Why? Because it’s relatively easy to attach and detach from the laptop and because it can protect the display from the elements.

But if you plan on using your design for more than just looking good, you’ll want to consider your charges before you get started. In general, there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a case; among them are:

• The water resistance rating of your case will depend on how much moisture can infiltrate into the interior of your case and how much moisture can flow out of it. You may need a higher rating if you’re going to be using your design in humid environments.

• The weight rating will depend on what kind of lifestyle you’re going to have with your design. If you’re an avid runner who wears his/her laptop in his/her back pocket, then you may not need a heavy case — but if you plan on using your design for long hours at work or school (in which case weight is very important), then you definitely want something that doesn’t weigh too much.

• A padded covering is nice if it will protect against bumps and scrapes — but only if it doesn’t add any bulk (too bulky, and it won’t fit in pockets that well). If that means padding out the back of your case with foam padding instead of leather or other material, go for it!

I hope this helps illustrate some basic principles around choosing a laptop case for a MacBook — all else being equal (weight is not), choose one with better protection than other brands!

Emma Taylor
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