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5 Mistakes That Lead To A Clogged Kitchen Sink

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5 Mistakes That Lead To A Clogged Kitchen Sink

Your kitchen is one of those areas that sees a lot of activity and the kitchen sink always stays busy. You are either doing the dishes, washing hands, or washing raw food articles. While there is a lot around there, there are chances that you face a lot of clogging issues now and then. Home owners claim that they stay cautious about throwing anything down the drain and use the dustbin for the same, clogging still is a common problem.

According to a local plumber in Adelaide, there are at least five calls that they receive daily from homeowners complaining of clogged kitchen drains. You too can control it if you avoid the following commonly made mistakes with the kitchen sink.

Grounded Coffee Residue

While coffee grounds are a fine powdery substance that may seem to mix with the water and flow out of the drain, it, unfortunately, stays behind in the pipe crevices. Even the professionals helping with the best plumbing in Adelaide will agree that with time and more of it coming down through the pipe, it forms sludge and clogs the drain. This will result in water not flowing out smoothly thus making you want to call the plumber or look out for DIY plumbing solutions.

Food Grease

The grease that stays behind after frying bacon tends to solidify when cooled. When in a hurry to clean the pan after you are done with cooking, you may sometimes pour the grease into the sink and forget that by the time it reaches the drain, it will solidify and clog the pipe. You either pour it into a disposable container or wipe it with a paper towel.

Rice And Pasta

When washing the dishes after you are eating, allowing leftover rice to go down the sink may seem unimportant but rice, when in contact with water grows and gets mushy. Accumulated rice in the pipe crevices leads to blockage as it rots and creates sludge. It is the same for pasta where it finds a place in the pipe and prevents water from flowing out freely.

Food Waste

There are several things that we throw off as leftovers. Cereals, fruit seeds, pits, semi-boiled vegetables, fish bones, etc. often find a place down the sink and don’t always end up reaching the drain. They stay around in the pipe and lead to clogging. Experts on plumbing services in Adelaide suggest keeping a separate disposal bin for such leftovers and things get sorted.

Cooking Oil

Unlike grease, cooking oils do not solidify when in contact with water but settle in the crevices of the pipe. With time and the accumulation of other food items, it turns into a sludge that clogs the drain. If you ask a local plumber in Adelaide, he too would claim that most households have the same problem with clogged drains as there is sludge on the other end of the pipe leading to clogging.

While all of these are wastes that unmindfully go into the sink or with a thought that they will easily pass through the pipe and go to the drain. Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky to have clear pipes despite putting in those foods that should go to the disposal bin instead. 

Unirex Pty Ltd
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