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How Age Of Both Men & Women Can Impact IVF

How Age Of Both Men & Women Can Impact IVF

Fertility is caused by many factors, some of these factors can be controlled, such as lifestyle, and some are not controlled, such as age. Let’s find out how the age of both men and women affects the IVF treatment process. The success rate of couples going through an IVF process depends on the age of the men, not only the women. This is because men over 35 years old can affect the chances of a successful IVF treatment process. In the same way, women over 35 years of age would face difficulties in conceiving as compared to younger women. However, women's age affects female fertility much more as compared to male fertility. The average age for a woman to have her first pregnancy is 28, but some still choose to wait longer. As a result, the birth rates for women in their 30s are currently at an all-time high. For couples who are struggling to conceive and thinking of alternative reproductive methods, IVF is the most frequently asked question that comes to their minds and how age can affect IVF success as well.

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How is Age an Important Factor for Fertility in Women?

Women Age, Fertility and IVF

It is known by almost everyone that women are most fertile in their 20s and have high chances of conceiving during their 20s and 30s. As soon as you detect your infertility, consult the best IVF doctor near you to increase your chances of conceiving through IVF or other reproductive technology. Both egg quality and quantity are very much connected to the female age. There is no specific test for egg quality, but women's age is considered the best test for checking the quality of eggs. We do have a test for checking the egg quantity, which is known as the "Ovarian Reserve" test

As per the research, women are born with approximately 2 million eggs in their ovaries. Probably 11,000 eggs die every month before a girl reaches puberty. Thus, in her teenage years, she only has about 3 lakhs to 4 lakhs of eggs, and about 1000 eggs are utilized every month. This cycle can’t be controlled and it is not associated with any kind of birth control, health, lifestyle, nutritional supplements, or hormone production. If you are looking for the best male and female infertility treatments, visit KD Blossom Hospital today.

Men's Age, Fertility and IVF

The effects of a woman’s age on fertility have been known for a long time. Recently, research has found that the age of a man also affects the IVF success rate and chances of pregnancy and pregnancy health. Research has suggested that male fertility starts reducing around 40–50 years old as sperm quality decreases. This increases the risk of pregnancy failure, miscarriage, and foetal death. There are a number of male infertility treatments such as IVF and ICSI that can be considered to enhance the chances of conceiving. KD Blossom is the best male infertility clinic in Ahmedabad. If you are also looking for the best IVF doctors in Ahmedabad, then you must visit our site. Children of aged fathers also have a higher risk of physical and mental health problems. There is also a risk of developing schizophrenia and other kinds of mental health disorders. Improve your chances of conceiving through the best IVF treatment services.

Advanced ART Methods Can Improve the Success Rates

Assisted reproductive technology (ART) is a method that is used to treat infertility. This involves fertility treatments that handle both sperm and eggs and work by removing the eggs from the ovaries. This process is performed by IVF specialists that improve the chances of a successful pregnancy through increased implantation rates just to match the level of younger women. In this process, donor eggs, donor sperm, and frozen embryos are used. It also involves a surrogate gestational carrier. The major problem that can occur in ART is multiple pregnancies. IVF is the best and most common type of ART method, and success rates are also higher. If you are also looking for the female infertility treatments in Ahmedabad, then KD Blossom will be the best choice for you.

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Age Doesn’t Define Your Path to Parenthood

If you are also trying to conceive or have discovered infertility issues, first consult your doctor and understand how this can be treated as soon as possible. Talk to local gynecologists or family doctors as this will help you to understand how you can improve the chances of getting pregnant. Successful IVF treatments begin with expectations and accurate information. To learn more about male and female fertility and infertility treatments for both, schedule an appointment with our IVF specialist today. KD Blossom Hospital has a team of the best and most experienced male and female fertility doctors in Ahmedabad.

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