Surveys And Inspections You Can Expect From A Ship Inspector In UAE And Europe


Both UAE and many European countries are among the nations with top-ranking ports in the world. So, when planning to travel to these ports, it is important to ensure that your ship complies with all standards. For this reason, hiring a third-party inspector is the most common choice. Many ship inspectors in UAE and Europe can help you if you are around these places. They are experts who help ship owners comply with all the verifications to ensure smooth journeys. Following are the most common types of inspection and services by ship inspectors: 

Periodic Surveys and Inspections

Ships are surveyed and inspected regularly to maintain their safety and seaworthiness. With maritime rules getting more strict by the year, sea-going vessels must undergo several inspections to continue sailing.


Annual Surveys

Annual classification society surveys are important to a ship's trading eligibility. Thus, for a vessel to continue trading, several annual assessments and classification society certifications are required to verify continuing compliance with International norms.

Dry dock surveys 

Dry dock surveys, also known as intermediate surveys/inspections, are a complete version of yearly surveys verifying numerous functional, operational, and maintenance elements of shipboard equipment.

The five-year dry or dry dock surveys are the most difficult, requiring a complete examination and testing following classification society requirements.

Terminal Safety Inspection

Terminal safety inspections are often subjected to the tanker and gas sectors due to the potentially harmful nature of the cargo being transported. To check the ship's condition under terminal rules, a safety manager or representative from the port visits the vessel.

Internal Audit

The International Management Code (ISM) specifies the capabilities needed in a Safety Management System to ensure the ships are operated safely and are environmentally friendly. It mandates that an internal audit be conducted by the ship's managers, operators, bareboat charterers, owners operating the vessel, or any third party authorized to act such an audit.

OCIMF SIRE inspections

In the tanker sector, the OCIMF SIRE inspections, often called vetting inspections, are common knowledge (SIRE is Ship Inspection Report Programme).

Its main purpose is to make more data on ship inspections accessible to the public. Members of SIRE are committed to improving maritime safety as their top priority.


All the above inspections and surveys are meant to keep every journey safer. It ensures the safety and protects ship owners from immense losses caused by damaged vessels. If you are searching for a ship inspector in Europe and UAE, you can find online the best and most qualified ship inspectors.

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