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Your AC is Making You Sick: Signs and Solutions

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Your AC is Making You Sick: Signs and Solutions

If coughing, a stuffy nose, muscle aches, or allergy-like symptoms bother you whenever you sit in an air-conditioned room, then your AC is making you sick. It sounds weird but it do can happen. You might blame the seasonal changes for such health issues but the real culprit is your air conditioner, more precisely, its dirty AC filters.

Lack of proper maintenance can be the main reason. Therefore, if you are ignoring your air conditioning system for a long time, get it inspected and maintained as soon as possible. For effective and efficient maintenance, book professional AC services.

Here arises a question. How often should you maintain your air conditioning unit? You should schedule a regular inspection every six months. Moreover, if you observe any of these signs you should book AC repair services to fix your air conditioning problems.

Signs Your AC is Making You Sick

You bought your AC to make you cool and comfortable on the long hot days of summer. You might not know that your AC can make you sick.

If you do not clean your AC filters, they can degrade your home air quality, which can bring some respiratory and skin issues to you and your family.

1.   Breathing Problems

Sometimes, you experience breathing problems, consult a doctor, and take medicines, but you get no recovery. Respiratory issues are becoming more and more serious:

·        Coughing

·        Allergy

·        Asthma

·        Fever

·        Muscle aches

Why your medicines are not making any difference? The reason is your polluted and contaminated air coming from your AC that is continuously entering your lungs and damaging them. What is the solution then?


Do not worry! The best solution to all your AC and health issues is to book AC services in DHA. Professional service providers trace the problem, devise a solution plan, and resolve it as soon as possible.

2.   Itchy Eyes

Your air conditioner’s dirty air filters trap dust, dirt, and grit. When cool air passes through these dirty filters, dust particles and germs get mixed with the air. And this polluted and contaminated air, on touching your body and eyes, cause allergies.

These allergies make your eyes itchy and watery. You might feel difficult to see something due to continuous itching and watering. The eye allergy can also affect your eyesight, making you wear eyeglasses whether you like wearing them or not.


Clean your air conditioner filters regularly to ensure a supply of clean cool air. How can you do so? You can replace your unit’s dirty air filters on your own or book AC repair services in DHA phase 1.

3.   Frequent Headaches

When you breathe in the polluted air, you not only inhale oxygen-rich air but a mix of harmful dust particles and germs too. As a result, you get different health issues such as allergies and headaches.

Moreover, when you set your thermostat too low and sit in an extremely cold environment, a time comes when you will start experiencing headaches. These headaches can last for hours or even days if you do not change your system’s temperature.


Set your thermostat at a higher temperature to a point i.e. 25֯ C. If you are trying to lower your thermostat temperature but it is not changing, do not worry. Book AC services in DHA phase 1 and get your air conditioning system inspected and maintained.

4.   Skin Allergies

Dust, dirt, germs, and grit in your home air due to dirty air filters not only affect your lungs but your skin too. These harmful substances come into contact with your skin and cause different skin issues such as:

·        Skin allergy

·        Irritation

·        Redness

·        Inflammation

All these skin problems can make your life unpleasant. These can also affect your aesthetics, making your skin full of pimples, acne, and red marks.


To improve your house’s air quality, you should replace your AC filters. It is not that difficult. You can replace your AC filters or you can let experts do this job for you.

If you do not have the time or skills to do so, do not worry. Book AC services in DHA phase 2 to replace or clean your AC filters effectively. Professional service providers can track down the problem and resolve it properly.

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