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What needle is best for an embroidery machine?

Kumail Zaidi
What needle is best for an embroidery machine?

Although it is one of the smallest elements of the industrial sewing or embroidery machine, it is the NEEDLE that will determine the quality of our textile product. So it is of great importance to know the details for the selection of the correct needle. 

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When selecting a needle, many aspects must be considered, but here we summarize them in 3. And we have chosen the best brand of needles for Groz-Beckert industrial machines to give you examples. 


To select a needle for our sewing or embroidery machine, we must take into account 3 aspects: 


System: is determined by the type of machine you are going to use. 


Gauge: refers to the thickness of the needle 


Tip: it is the end of the needle and allows to pierce the tissue properly. 

Continue reading for more details. 

Needle system for sewing and embroidery machines 


The needle system generally depends on the machine used, so you should start by asking yourself:      What machine am I going to use? 


Once you have determined the machine to use (straight overlock, embroidery machine, collarette or any other) you need to review the manual to determine what type of needle the manufacturer recommends. 


For this reason, names used by third parties are also indicated on the labels of Groz-Beckert needles. In this way it is always possible to identify the needles unequivocally and without risk of confusion. 

Needle gauge for sewing and embroidery machines 

The gauge or thickness of the needle must be selected according to the structure of the fabric (thickness and porosity) and also according to the thread to be used.  


The goal is to select a needle thick enough to avoid thread breakage, but as fine as possible so as not to damage the fabric. 


Machine needles are identified by numbers, with the lowest ones identifying the thinnest needles and the highest ones the thickest. In addition, there are two different types of numbering: American and European. 

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The most frequent needle numbers are 70/10, 80/12, 90/14, 100/16, 110/18, 120/20, where the first corresponds to the European numbering system and the second to the American. 


The shape of the needle tip reduces the impact of its penetration into the fabric, avoiding tears. The choice of the correct tip is made by virtue of the textile structure and greatly influences the sewing result. 

Type of needle point for sewing and embroidery machines 


Recommendations and suggestions 

Now that you know more about the types of needles, we leave you with some final recommendations so that you can choose the most appropriate one: 


The thickness and point of the needle must be chosen according to the type of fabric, weight and finishes. 


Use a needle as thick as necessary to avoid tearing the fabric, and as fine as necessary to avoid damaging the textile. 



In this article we will try to resolve the doubts regarding what type of needles to use in industrial embroidery machines according to the embroidery work that we want to carry out. We will also see common problems in embroidery seams and how to solve them

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Kumail Zaidi
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