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The Basics to Create High-Quality Embroidery Designs Guide 2022

Karna Karan
The Basics to Create High-Quality Embroidery Designs Guide 2022

Improve Embroidery Business

Do you want to improve your machine embroidery business? The quality and beauty of the design are what really counts in the field of embroidery designs. You need to obtain a competitive edge and outperform the competition in terms of quality because there are so many machine embroidery firms fighting in the market. We've provided some fundamental advice below that will enable you to maintain the caliber of your embroidered designs and obtain a competitive edge.

Embroidery pattern created digitally

Digitized embroidery is the most crucial factor that directly affects the caliber of embroidery patterns. Making embroidery machine-readable embroidery designs is referred to as embroidery digitization. This is accomplished by employing embroidery digitizing software, where a professional embroidery digitizer uses its talents to produce a precise and excellent digitizing file.

It is advised to outsource your digitizing requirements to a skilled and reputable company because digitizing for embroidery is a specialized subject. Numerous companies that provide all kinds of digitizing services, such as embroidery digitizing, logo digitization, cap logo digitizing, jacket back digitizing, left chest digitizing, and others, are widely accessible.

As you shop around for the top embroidery digitizing company, be sure to examine the services and costs each one is offering. Additionally, given that it's a vital component of your organization, be sure to run background checks on the agency to determine its dependability and level of quality.

Device Performance

Another significant element that affects the design quality is the machine speed. I cringe whenever I see an embroidery machine operating at a speed of more than 800+ stitches per minute. We advise limiting the machine's maximum stitch per minute to around 700+. And if you're using files for digitizing cap logos, down it even further to 650 or 600 stitches per minute.

Employ polyester thread

Except in cases where you have no other option, you should never use the rayon thread. For many reasons, polyester thread is a much superior substitute. In comparison to rayon thread, it is significantly stronger, and it won't fade when washed or bleached. Most seasoned machine embroidery design companies have completely discontinued using rayon thread for washable cloth due to this, among other reasons.

While we don't forbid using rayon thread entirely, you should try to use polyester thread wherever you can to preserve the design's quality.

False Needles

The beauty of the embroidery design will be destroyed by using worn-out or inappropriate needles, even with the best embroidery digitizing file, the ideal machine speed, and the ideal thread. Do not forget that incorrect needles might ruin the fabric. Knits will have runs if the needles are the wrong size or are old and worn out, creating bald boles in the cloth. As a result, it's crucial to choose needles carefully. We advise using ballpoint needles rather than needles when working with knits, especially when doing so with knits for performance wear.

Low-cost Supplies

Avoid using inexpensive bobbins at all costs. Not only would this lower the operational effectiveness of your production, but it will also be difficult for you to maintain a constant tension flow, which will destroy the beauty and quality of the embroidery design. Always select dependable, high-quality bobbins that won't lose tension over the course of the task.

Size of the Hoop

Finally, another important factor that affects the embroidered design's quality is the hoop's size. There isn't a hoop that works for every embroidery design. The ideal strategy for maintaining equally distributed tension across the surface is to utilize the smallest hoop that suits the design.

The fundamentals are the key to creating embroidered designs of a high caliber. If you follow the fundamentals correctly, you can create beautiful embroidery designs for your customers.


We at BitsNPixs Embroidery Digitizing Service can assist you in creating accurate embroidery digitizing files that are properly supplied. One of the many services we offer is logo digitizing, as well as left chest and cap logo digitizing. To learn about amazing specials and discounts on large orders, go in contact with our team.

Karna Karan
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