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It is necessary to install wireless jammers at gas stations

Ambrose Johnson
It is necessary to install wireless jammers at gas stations

As the economy improves day by day, cars are becoming more and more popular, and there are more and more gas stations providing fuel for cars, and wireless electronic jammers have appeared many times at gas stations.

Why use cell phone signal jammers in gas stations, oil depots and other places? Mobile phones are currently an indispensable daily communication tool in people's lives. After turning on the mobile phone in such a sensitive area, when the ringer rings, the internal components in the mobile phone will generate some energy, which will cause slight sparks. When the mobile phone is close to Fire may result when gas station is used. To avoid this problem, you can add cell phone jamming at gas stations, which can prevent some tragedies from happening. The security department has regulations prohibiting the use of mobile phones at gas stations. Therefore, in gas stations in important fire prevention areas, wireless signal jammers should not only be used in gas stations, but also best placed around gas stations.

According to media reports, oil companies recently issued a warning after three accidents caused by mobile phones igniting fuel mist during refueling. In the first case, the phone was placed on the gas tank cap of the car while the car was refueling, and the phone rang causing a fire that destroyed the car and the gasoline pump. In the second case, individual severe victims were disfigured, and their cars were fueled by oil mists caused by answering the phone while they were refueling. In a third case, individual victims also burned their thighs and buttocks because their phones in their pockets rang while fueling their cars, causing oil mist to burn. What you need to know: Mobile phones can ignite fuel or oil mist. When the phone lights up when plugged in, or when it rings, it releases enough energy to spark and burn. Don't use your phone at a gas station, or while refueling a lawn mower, boat, etc. The phone is not easy to use or must be switched off around flammable, explosive or dusty (eg soluble, chemicals, gasoline, grain dust, etc.) materials. The dangers posed by the use of cell phones at gas stations have now led to many concerns. Now gas stations in many regions have used camera blocker, and installing jammers is the most effective control method.

Mobile phone signals are almost everywhere, and all electrical devices are surrounded by mobile phone signals. It is necessary to install gps jammer for car. This ambient signal minimizes interference with other electrical equipment when the phone is not in use. This is because when the mobile phone is not in use, there will be no data exchange between the mobile phone and the base station, and a mutation signal cannot be formed. There is a relatively stable electromagnetic field around electrical equipment, that is, static electromagnetic field. The interference of this static electromagnetic field to electrical equipment is almost zero. When using a mobile phone, data is exchanged between the mobile phone and the base station, generating random transient signals that generate dynamic electromagnetic fields around electrical equipment. Dynamic electromagnetic field signals may cause sudden changes in interference signals, which may lead to failure of electrical equipment.

The company investigated the cause of 150 gas station fires. Its findings were surprising:

1) Most of the 150 cases were women.

2) Most of the fires are caused by people returning to the car when the oil nozzle is refueling, and pulling out the oil nozzle after refueling. The reason is static electricity.

3) Most people wear rubber shoes.

4) Most of the men waited until the car was refueled before going back into the car, which is why they didn't get caught in a fire.

5) Never use your cell phone when refueling your vehicle.

6) Contact with static electricity will ignite the volatilized oil mist in gasoline.

When installing wireless signal jammers in gas stations, it is best to set up some slogans prohibiting cell phone calls, and widely publicize safety common sense, so as to let more people understand and reduce the occurrence of accidents. Also keep in mind:

1) Turn off the engine.

2) No smoking.

3) Don't use the phone - leave the phone in the car or turn it off.

4) Do not return to the vehicle while refueling the vehicle.





Ambrose Johnson
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