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Proven Ways to Manage your Remote Software Development Team

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Proven Ways to Manage your Remote Software Development Team

This question- how to manage the remote developers must be intriguing in every business owner’s mind. The software development team management involves not only how to motivate them but what challenges they face while handling the team.

Even though the concept of remote work has become popular over the years, the pandemic made it more in demand to leverage the benefits. Remote working offers multiple benefits and great culture too, but at the same time it can be daunting to the business if not managed well.

In this article, we can read ways to manage or motivate dedicated software development teams working remotely on your project requirements. So, if you are planning to hire a dedicated team of professionals or have already hired offshore engineers, this blog is for you where you can understand the tips to manage the outsourcing software development team members.

Tips to Strive for While Managing Software Development Team Members

With benefits such as cost, and productivity with hiring remote developers, there comes a challenge in managing the team including constant communication and on-time delivery. To tackle such situations, there are proven steps to follow for effective progress in the project developed by the dedicated software development service providers.

Clarity and Clear Communication

Outsourced resources are a great asset to the company and also crucial to manage in order to get the work done in time. Before you hire them, you need to be clear with the what, why and how you want the project to be done. Once you hire these experienced partners, discuss everything with them in detail.

Be clear in what you expect and what should be the product in terms of design, target audience, features, and measurable goals. Give a clear idea of what you want to accomplish with the product launch. Document what you discuss and share with the skilled team for hassle-free communication. This will be the best foot forward in managing the team of top software developers.

Work In Time Zones

There are numerous software development service providers in the world. However, there are golden rules and hours where you need to commit to a specified time zone and work together. Overlapping time zones when both the teams are working together is the best solution to this problem.

If in case the overlapping does not work, do not complicate it further and decide on a few things like, what was the work done yesterday, what is planned for the day and what are the issues faced by both the parties. This should be communicated or rightly written in the draft before closing for the current day.

This will help solve many issues and clear any questions while developing a software. There should always be an emergency channel where you can reach out to the team any time to make sure everything is running smoothly as discussed.

Use Right Mode of Technologies

The communication of what is expected with the software development team management can be frustrating at times. Earlier, there weren’t any high-end technologies to inform the rules and needs of the software for the business.

But, today with the right set of technologies, it becomes much easier to blend the remote team to the way you want them to work. Applications such as Slack, Jira, Google Meet, Zoom calls, and many other such tools have been a great and positive investment. This has helped a lot in keeping the terms clear resulting in time-saving and cost reduction of remote software development team members.

The work becomes more streamlined with efficient scheduled meetings for brainstorming and discussion regarding the project and also with some occasional stand alone meetings.

Focus on Reward Structures

Make sure you appreciate the work done till then and each team member should be praised for their hard work. There might be mistakes and things that might need alteration, but every member should be appreciated as everyone will not be as efficient as you would want them to be. After all they are humans too and mistakes are bound to happen.

Ensure certain points during the software development process, point out great ideas they have projected so far, explain why you are happy with their approach and behavior. Give them seasonal gifts or reward them with gift coupons after they reach a milestone.

Cash bonuses would be the best option and beyond anyone would think. Give them as a token of their extra hours or overtime they have dedicatedly worked for the project delivery or to solve any critical issue.

This may seem like a waste of time and money, but these are the top-most considerable things to keep the remote software development teams motivated and dedicated. This helps them to deliver quality within the time frame.

Zero Down Micromanagement

Micromanagement is the biggest reason why the development of the project gets delayed. It plays a core role when it comes to trusting the loyalty of the dedicated team of software engineers working remotely for you.

Managing the remote team efficiently and effectively is different from micromanaging their work at every step of the process. This makes them furious and they lose interest in delivering quality work.

Find better ways to ask the remotely working team members about the phases of development or where the work has been reached. Find out ways to grow the trust and help them proceed towards success with improving the situations.

Conclusion- Managing Remote Developers Is Now Easy

So, this was the article that explained the tips on how to manage software development teams remotely. However, there are multiple other tips and options that a business owner can indulge in with the goal to treat the remotely working outsourcing team as their own employees.

They are as hardworking as your in-house team but they cost you much less and there will not be any recurring or maintenance cost behind. Find more creative ways to keep them engaged and excited about working on your project. Face the challenges and overcome them with the right tools and techniques as the project of developing a software is not a short term job to complete.

Hire the best remote team of software developers and be carefree by treating them well and receiving quality work within time at an affordable price ever.

Top Developers
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