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Looking to get married in Karachi? Here's everything you need to know about court marriage in Karachi

Sufiyan Rasheed
Looking to get married in Karachi? Here's everything you need to know about court marriage in Karachi

How do you get married in Karachi if you don’t have time to plan a traditional wedding? For busy professionals and young couples with hectic lives, the answer is court marriage, which takes only an hour or two to complete and involves fewer formalities than going to the registrar’s office. But how does court marriage work exactly? How much does it cost? What documents do you need to provide? What if you already have been married and divorced? Find out everything you need to know about court marriage in Karachi here!

What is a court marriage?

A court marriage is when a couple gets married with the help of a judge, instead of an officiant. Court marriages are fairly common in Pakistan and can be done at any time or place. You can have your court marriage at a courthouse or other public venue, as long as it is approved by authorities.

Court Marriage Lawyers in Karachi will file all necessary paperwork for you, but don't forget that there may be a fee for doing so. In addition to filing papers, one of your responsibilities is presenting evidence that the two of you are legally able to marry each other and not related by blood. Witnesses must also approve this union, which can be done by signing an affidavit before a Court Marriage Officer.

Who should consider getting married through the courts?

If you're looking to avoid any kind of ruckus, court marriage is a good way to do so. For example, if your family is against you marrying someone they see as unfit, court marriages will let them feel like they can save face. Court marriages are also great for couples that want an easy and straightforward process. You can find many reputable court marriage lawyers in Karachi who can help guide you through the process.

What are the requirements?

Court Marriage is a popular way of getting married and it is often used by those who are not able to afford expensive wedding ceremonies or want a simple and quick ceremony. Court marriages can be performed by any registrar of marriage but only registered court officers are allowed to perform marriages. The requirements for court marriage include:

1) The groom must be at least 18 years old

2) The bride must be at least 18 years old

3) Both Parties must have Passport size Photos

4) Both Parties must have NIC or Passport or B form photocopies.

How do I find a lawyer for this procedure in Karachi?

Court marriages are a popular choice for couples who want a quick, cost-effective and private way of getting legally married. If this is something that interests you, then here’s all you need to know:

* A court registrar will usually charge between Rs. 20000 and Rs. 25000 for a court marriage, depending on how quickly the service needs to be arranged. * Court marriages can be performed in English or Urdu (the common language of Pakistan). You may also be able to choose between Hindu, Christian or Muslim ceremonies. * Court marriages can take place at any time of day or night.

Website: https://courtmarriages.pk

Sufiyan Rasheed
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