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What is a PHP Script? 3 Real Examples of PHP script for Businesses

Ashu Kumar
What is a PHP Script? 3 Real Examples of PHP script for Businesses

Websites these days are playing the most crucial role as a helping hand. Almost everyone performs a search whenever they are stuck in any action rather than make a call and ask for a solution. Most of the answers get from the internet.

Though PHP came later and take over big market sizes because of its easy syntax and giving the flexibility to use static languages such as HTML, Javascript, and other languages, it helps programmers to make the website content dynamic and connect the website to the database.


Most recently React and Angular emerge as front-end website solutions. It took up significantly the website development market but still can't compete with PHP. React works with browsers and Angular does not have that much capability to make the website completely dynamic. 

So what is a PHP Script?

PHP scripts are stand-alone website that does not need to extra library or element to work. Sometimes they are called CUSTOM PHP SCRIPT.

It is packed with everything from database structure, HTML/CSS, javascript, PHP files, images, etc. It uses the MVP framework for better maintainability and adds and removes features without messing up with other things.

70% of websites are created using PHP(Hypertext Preprocessor) programming language as the backend and another static language for making the front end of the website. 

Real Examples of PHP Scripts for Businesses

Here are some of the real examples of PHP scripts for businesses viz. PHP Job portals, Classified, and Real Estate Scripts.

1. Job Portal PHP Script:

It is developed after doing analysis to give all kinds of necessary functionality for both company and employee that makes the job posting and job search and application easier. With a membership plan with multiple payments for companies, you can build your business with extra features. It is a GDPR complaint to run the website in European Union countries. You can also display Google Ads on this job portal website. This website has got all the tools you need to get started. Features are explained below.

Free Installation: After purchasing this PHP script, you will get free installation on your website. For this, you must have a domain name and host running up. Raise a ticket for installation and the support team will make the job portal website work for you. It is 3 step installation process and can be done by any technical person.  

Company And Employee Profile: A company is an account where JOB posting will be done and heir the people. They are treated as employers. The one who is seeking a job is an employee. The company can contact the candidate who applied for their job, download their resumes, and shortlist the candidates. 

An employee can upload their C.V. (resume) and fill out the important detail about them. They can apply for jobs and get an alert when the company tries to contact them. Also, the Applied job page will have all the jobs post they applied for so far. 

Membership plan For Company: You can create multiple membership plans according to your business. Set the price of plans, color theme, and recurring model monthly | or yearly. When the company selects the membership plan, according to the billing cycle payment is deducted from their account. In the membership plan, You can set a specific number of JOB requirements a company can post from their profile.  

Google AdSense: This script has an Ads section in the page design. Google Adsense is used to display the ads. After doing the setting Google Ads will start displaying. It will help you to make money from google ads too.

Admin panel: Job portal PHP script comes with ADMIN PANEL. It gives full control to you to manage the website effectively. You can create employee and company profiles, job postings, membership plans, and payment methods, and add languages, reports, filters, etc from the admin panel. Admin can make this job portal website available in multi-language.  

Multi-user and its permission: Users are those who have access to the admin panel of the website. Admin can create users and restrict their access to the admin panel. According to the management of the website, define the user group and assign permission.  

Employee and Company Query: In-built message to the website admin to clear the doubts and questions. It is available for both employees and the company. They will get a reply from the admin to their email address. This will increase trust and build long relationships between job seekers, companies, and websites.

MVP Struction For PHP Script: The latest framework is used to write the job portal custom PHP script in PHP. Model view presenter(MVP) is used for better readability and is easy to modify by experienced or newbie programmers. MVP offers to create a modular structure of a website and high maintainability.

2. Classified PHP Scripts:

This script allows people to create an ad that can be viewed by members of your website. Only those people can post the ad whose membership plan is active. Moreover, members of the website can send messages to the ad owner about the posted ad to make a better deal. Create as many categories for ad posting, users, membership plans, ad posting, and customization options are there for admin to implement the changes according to their offerings.  

Instead of using default email templates, You can edit the email templates and show your brand identity in the email content. Look no further than Classified PHP Script! This post-ad script is perfect for website owners who want to start their first ad-posting website. The installation is damn easy and within 2 min your website will be ready.  


User Who Post Ads: Users must buy the plan first and then their account will activate for ad posting. This user will get a dashboard where an overview of ads, messages, profile settings, and other important information displays. They can create a new ad or modify the existing one and delete ads. When a message is received, It will show in the dashboard and an email will be sent. 

Normal User: Normal users are those who did not buy the plan and just browsing the ads. 

Send a message to ad poster: Normal users and users who bought the plan both can send the message to the ad posting. Original ad posting users will get the message in their account dashboard. A reply will be sent from the account section.  

Admin: This script has a powerful admin panel to manage the website. The Admin panel will have all the records of activity happening on the website. Create multiple plans, manage payment solutions, users and their plans, invoices, etc. You can easily activate and deactivate any ads from the admin panel with a single click. Also, approve or extend the planned time for the specific user. There are more than 4 email templates used by this system to send when events are triggered. Admin can create own email template to add the website branding to show an authorized signature. There are many other settings are given such as manage categories, filtering fields, Google Analytics, viewing users' ads, create new pages are some of them.

3. Real Estate:

Real Estate Custom PHP Script is based on the Custom PHP framework, it was created to be at the forefront of technological advancement and at analyzing real estate portal requirements, particularly provided for easy modifications and uses. The script has been crafted after careful consideration and a nice design. It is intended for real estate enthusiasts. It includes all of the elements like an agent section, paid plans, multi-currency, multi-lingual, mega header, property listing management, SEO optimization, Google map integration, and RTL support, etc. that are required for a new real estate website. It can be managed by an administrator from the admin panel.

It has an online demo to check how it works and check all the features of this script before buying. 

Agent Section: This script lets the agent register and selects the membership plan. After activating the membership account, they can start adding their property listing. An agent will get their account dashboard. From the account, an agent can manage the property listing. Visitors and customers can make inquiries about the property from the listing page. The inquiry message will be directly received by the agent and the agent can respond to them. 

Property Management:  Admin can easily add or remove the new fields for property detail. These new fields will automatically display on the agent and admin property add form. These new fields are called custom fields. There are 7 types of fields given to create custom fields. 

SEO optimized: This script follows all the SEO guidelines like the above two scripts. Microdata for better search result visibility of Property listings is already present. Also, meta titles, descriptions, keywords, SEO URLs, etc. are in-built to give a boost to your real estate website.

Multi-lingual and Multi-Currency: If you are running your business in two or more countries, then probably your website needs the currency and language of those countries to get recognized. This barrier can be easily taken down by installing languages and currency. This real estate script allows the admin to run the website in multiple languages and currencies. An agent will select the language and currency according to their country.   

Google AdSense: Ads are a good source of income from the website. That's why this integrates Google AdSense to show the ads on the website's various pages. The script is in compliance with Google ads publisher guidelines. Your real estate website will easily approve by the Google verification process. 

Manage Theme: It is easy to edit the layout or design of existing or new pages. If the design does not fit your requirement then simply go to admin> design > edit the page on which you want to make changes. A left, right, and center sections are present. Here you can select the module whose data you want to show. Adjust the color theme of the website.  

Blog: It comes with an in-built blog. You can write a blog post, blog categories, and creative authors. It is also SEO friendly, All the blog posts and categories, and author pages have SEO URLs.

Other Setting: You will able to manage categories of property, add a team, add a photo gallery, Write testimonials of customers, create new pages, website settings, etc. The design of the real estate website is responsive and looks awesome on all kinds of mobile, tablet, desktop, and mac screens.


A PHP script is one of the most popular programming languages for website development. It has a wide range of features that gives it an edge over other languages. PHP scripts are perfect for creating websites and content management systems (CMS). They have been used by many companies to create their online presence and promote their products. With so many options available in the PHP language, you can find the right fit for your business needs. If you want to make sure that your website is built with the best possible tools, then use a job portal PHP script.

Ashu Kumar
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