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Tree Pruning New Bern, NC

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Tree Pruning New Bern, NC - 28562


Is it really important to prune trees? Pruning helps trees grow strong and make the appearance neat and attractive in New Bern,NC. One prunes a tree to get rid of dead and dying branches, allowing room for a new growth or creating a particular shape and helps to mitigate the danger of broken limbs and falling branches. It's important to try to do it correctly, so you do not find yourself damaging the tree and also for the safety of the people living in New Bern, NC.


How to prune your trees the correct way to add beauty and longevity? The question begins running through your mind. Cut this branch? How about  this one? What if I remove too many branches? Get the answers to all or any of your questions so you'll need the boldness to feature longevity to your trees and beauty to your landscape through smart pruning. Ensure you make the correct cuts in a very safe and effective way.


While pruning, thoroughly check your tree for the following conditions. Contact a professional arborist in New Bern, NC to address these issues or if you're unsure about the tree’s overall health:





  1. Think about why you would like to prune. Are you trying to shape a tree for shade or height? Before you start, you would like to contemplate what you're trying to attain and set your goals
  • Your reasons for pruning will influence after you prune similarly. you'll be able to do light pruning or remove dead wood at any time. 
  • As an example, pruning within the winter will lead to an explosion of growth during the spring. Pruning during the summer will slow the expansion of the cut branch, so it is a good strategy if you're trying to shape your tree or slow the expansion of branches you do not want.
  1. Assess the tree. Spend some moments staring at the tree's size and shape and imagining how it should look after you are finished. 
  2. Identify the foremost branches of the tree that compose its "skeleton." Avoid removal of those branches. 
  3. Remove branches that show signs of harm first. Whether or not they were damaged by a storm or another event, broken branches should be pruned so the water and nutrients they're still taking from the tree get redistributed to healthy branches 
  4. Thin out areas that are thick with branches. Remove branches that cross, then open the plant in order that air might circulate and light-weight reach all parts of the plant. so as for trees to grow healthy, they have good air circulation through and round the branches. Branches that are close foster the expansion of fungus and attract more insects. 
  5. Prune branches that act as obstructions. Whether they're low branches blocking your walkway or higher branches threatening your telephone wires, rubbing your roof, or overhang your house. It's fine to prune the branches that are causing some variety of annoyance. 
  6. Prune branches to assist shape the tree. If you would like your tree to possess a more rounded or neat looking shape, prune some branches that appear to stay out at odd angles; some cuts will make a giant difference. 
  7. Prune as little as possible. Each cut you create compromises the tree protection system and opens the tree to potential fungus and bug infestation. Prune only the maximum amount as you absolutely have to prune, and never remove quite 25 percent of a tree's branches. 
  • for many deciduous trees, ensure that there live branches on a minimum of 2/3 of the tree, though this varies by species. remember that the trunk alone isn't enough to confirm that the tree will survive. Removing all the branches is extremely stressful for the plant. 
  • Don't prune heavily quite once per season. Unless a storm breaks more branches, you mustn't prune over once, since the tree needs time to recover.


Approach every pruning situation by assessing the need for a professional arborist in New Bern, NC. Leave these tasks to the professionals who have both the equipment and advanced training for tricky pruning jobs.

  1. Trimming is needed on trees near power lines.
  2. Removal of large dead or dangling branches.
  3.  Large branches near homes or buildings.


If you're looking for a certified arborist in New Bern, NC, A&H Precision Tree Services can send a professional on our team to your home or business in New Bern, NC. We are passionate about trees and know how to tend to all important maintenance tasks. Our goal is to give you the exceptional customer service that will make you want to use us on a regular basis.

A&H Precision Tree Service LLC
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