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Many stand-up comedians are fleetingly successful, having little true professional longevity. Reusing material is all too typical among stand-up comedians who struggle to stay creative over time. Only a chosen few continue to be innovative, bright, and create wonderful new things; the others are quickly forgotten.

Here are three comedians that have achieved comedy royalty status through their creative, avant-garde work:

Charles Carlin One of The best comedians in New York to ever live was Carline. He was naturally good with innuendo and timing. However, Carlin's career is particularly fascinating because of how it changed over time. He began his stand-up career as a polished performer before evolving over time into a rebellious iconoclast whose gags targeted the powerful individuals and institutions.


Many of Carlin's timeless routines from the 1970s are still well-known today. But he continued to be relevant for much longer, appearing in a number of HBO specials. He continued to produce everything from books to DVDs almost to the day of his death.


Seinfeld, Jerry For many years, "Seinfeld," the television programmed hosted by Jerry Seinfeld, ranked first in the country. 75 million people watched the show's finale! Old Seinfeld episodes are a big hit with viewers, even when they are reruns.


Seinfeld set a lot of trends. His particular brand of comedy employs humorous observation of the most uninteresting and insignificant things of daily life as well as dry sarcasm. Almost all young comedians now employ some of these approaches in their own performances. Seinfeld is unrivalled for very sophisticated and deft humor.


Additionally, Dave Chapelle is a very humorous guy. Even though he's gone largely unnoticed over the past few years, he's still a fan favorite of many and a prominent name in The best comedians in New York, which just goes to show how significant the influence of his work has been. For its two seasons, his programmed, "The Dave Chapelle Show," attracted sizable audiences. Chapelle's contract was extended for a third season, but she declined because of stress and creative problems with the show's structure. Despite this, the show enjoyed a two-year run of widespread audience and critical praise.


You can go online and browse the web or watch stand-up comedy, for example. There are numerous websites that provide a selection of funny, free comedy video. These are excellent for a fast pick-me-up whether you're just relaxing at home or finding it difficult to get inspired to work.


Visit your neighborhood improve or comedy club as another option. Even though there are fewer comedy clubs than there once were, one thing has been accomplished: only the finest comedians are getting decent children. In addition to seeing one of your favorite comedians in your hometown and helping out local businesses, this makes for a terrific inexpensive night.

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