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How to choose a winter beanie

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How to choose a winter beanie

Beanies are the perfect headwear to stay warm and look cool in the winter. Here is what you should know about beanies before you buy one

Choose a Beanie Fabric


Wool, which is the traditional material for this headwear style, is probably the first fabric that comes to mind when you hear the word beanies. This natural fiber is one of the finest materials for knit hats like beanies because it is naturally absorbent and releases up to 30% of its weight in moisture. 

 In addition to this, wool is durable and water-resistant. It can dry up quickly and offers a high level of warmth insulation. If you are looking for a super-breathable and warm beanie, wool should be of the top options on your list.


While wool is warm and soft, it comes at a higher price. The search for a cheaper and easy-to-care-for wool alternative was how acrylic entered the beanie world. This material is more durable and emulates the heat-insulating properties of wool. It’s one of the best substitutes for people who prefer not to use animal materials. Acrylic also has a water resistance capacity that is not subpar to cotton. Further, it is lightweight, can resist abrasions, and does not wrinkle easily. 


Cotton is another outstanding and popular natural beanie fabric. It’s a lightweight plant-based option that is perfect if you want a soft and eco-friendly alternative. As a natural fiber with hypoallergenic features, it is a safe choice for infants or people with sensitive skin. Cotton beanies are very durable and don’t need much care. Consider this if you need a soft and breathable option that offers a fair amount of warmth and durability.

Choose a Beanie style

Cuffless Beanie

This is the most common type that you’ll find sold in clothing stores. Cuffless beanies have a finished edge and are not made to be folded or rolled. The edge of a cuffless beanie will typically reach the upper forehead area.

Cuffed Beanie

This is the cuffed counterpart of the previous style. It’s almost the same design but with extra material folded to create a cuff around the lower edge of the beanie. The cuff comes down long enough that it can cover your years as well. 

Slouch Beanie

The slouch beanie is sometimes also referred to as the “hipster” style beanie. It offers the comfort and protective features of hats with the added benefit of a laid-back look and feel. The placement of the cap combined with different hairstyles makes the look a little different for every wearer.

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Capbargain USA
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