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How to launch your own woodworking business under $1000

John Wese
How to launch your own woodworking business under $1000

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1. Establish a workshop

Having a well-designed workshop is an essential, especially when you want to

establish a successful craft business. Let’s take a closer look at the different factors

that highlight the importance of a workshop:

Select the right tools- You can have all the required equipment according to the

kind of work that you’ll be dedicating the studio for. A great set of wood chisels is

absolutely fundamental. Plus, the workshop helps to secure the items correctly to

prevent theft or vandalism. These tools include affordable table saws, clamps, good-

quality budget chainsaws, jigsaws, carpenter’s squares, hammers, the track saw,

etc. In some cases, you’ll need a wood laser engraver, like the ones from Trotec

Laser. It all depends on what exactly it is you’re doing with the wood.

An exterior wood sealer is another essential product that is of great use when

designing wooden products. On the other hand, if you know someone who is

running a successful woodworking business, you can also ask them for help.

Professionalism- When you’re working on custom pieces, it’s pretty common to

have the client come over to check the product being engineered. In such a case, a

workshop enhances the client’s confidence in your work as it’s a professional

environment. Work-life balance- With a separate area that is allocated for work

activities, it helps maintain the right balance between your work and personal life.

2. Develop a business plan

When you create a business plan, it gives you a clearer picture of the competition

and the feasibility of your ideas. Even if it’s a home-based business, having your

specific objectives in place will help you stay on track. In truth, a business plan is a

measured out shortcut to help you envision the pros and cons that will be coming.

The business plan should have a detailed description of your goals, estimated

revenues, and financial projections that will make the follow-up relatively easier.

help you understand whether it’s going to be a sustainable business or not.

You can read more on how to create a business plan in this article by Forbes.

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3. Marketing your products

After you’ve sold a few products from home, you need to start increasing your

customer base gradually. For this, you need to produce sufficient woodwork pieces

that can be sold at flea markets, art and craft fairs, or even to other retail stores

that sell home decor.

You might have to sell your products on various platforms during the initial stages

of your business. You ask, why? It will help you determine which area is working out

best for you and your business.

Once you have met the short-term business goals, start distributing business cards

among people who appreciate your designs. Moreover, in this digital era, it’s

relatively simple to showcase your work to a bigger audience.

Similarly, you can start a website for uploading pictures of the crafted pieces along

with product descriptions. This will help to not only improve the customer base, but

you’ll also have people referring more business to you. Furthermore, you could try

to increase the traffic to your website by ranking it for popular and high in-demand

search terms, like “woodworking in city”, “city woodworking”. More traffic typically

means a higher revenue and after all that’s the main goal, right? We’d recommend

this guide on local SEO to learn more about how to get your website to those

sought-after top spots on Google’s search results.

With the increasing popularity and higher revenues, you can use the opportunity to

advertise in local magazines, bulletin boards as well as the internet. Just like

business cards, you can also print flyers to help people identify your products.

4. Business organization and license

For setting up the legal structure of your business, it’s best to hire an attorney for

professional services. First things first, you need to be sure about the structure of

the business organization. The options include standard corporation, limited liability

company, partnership, and sole proprietorship.

When it’s a woodworking business from home, you can get a lot of tax exemption,

such as deducted cost for the workspace and equipment. Once the business is

organized, you’ll need to get the appropriate permits and licenses to operate, which

is pretty straightforward for a home business.

To get a clearer picture of the required formalities, you can visit the Small Business

Administration office in your area.

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5. Get a business insurance

Another crucial factor that you need to consider is business liability insurance. If

you’re unsure about what policy to select, you can contact an experienced business

agent to get the details. We understand that it’s unlikely that anyone will be injured

during the production process.

But, liability insurance can protect your family, home, and savings in case of an

accident. It’s always best to be on the safer side, to prevent large-scale damages.

For instance, if a client is injured while visiting your workplace, then business

insurance is an added measure for your protection.

Final words

Now that we have come to the end of our guide, we hope it has helped you

understand the steps that need to be taken to start your business. Plus, when

you’re determined to turn your incredibly creative, woodworking skills into a profit, you'll

be surprised at the amount of clients and how well business will be going for you.

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