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How to Level Up your Eye-Makeup Game with the Best Gel Eyeliner?

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How to Level Up your Eye-Makeup Game with the Best Gel Eyeliner?

We all must have heard the saying by William Shakespeare— "The eyes are the window to your soul." Eyes are deeper than oceans and can say more than just words. However, to bring out its full potential and accentuate your eyes, one needs an essential eye makeup product. The Arabian Beauty Peagants is a testament to the above proverb. Beautiful eyes can instantly draw people towards you from the first meeting. And, one of the best and easiest way is to get your hands on some eye-makeup essentials including eyebrow makeup to tweak the appearance of your eyes.

Well, a makeup artist would definitely know how much an eye-makeup is important to give justice to the whole makeup look. With plenty of options to choose from, it becomes a nuisance to select the right one for you be it an Eyeshadow, Kajal, Gel Eyeliner or Eyebrow Filler. It is always recommended to choose the safest and non-toxic makeup products for eyes as they are super sensitive and needs utmost attention. You can go from smokey eyes to natural warm tinted eyeshadow look, and so much more than the casual ones. If you are on Instagram, you must have seen all the makeup artists sketching some-inspired looks on their eyelids from Avatar to Cartoon characters. There’s so much more that you can do around your eyes.

3 in 1 kajal

What is the difference between 3-in-1 Kajal, Liquid and Pen Eyeliner?

At least once in your lifetime, you must have tried either Liquid or Pen Eyeliner to check which one suits you the best and is easy to apply. An eyeliner can be judged on three basic factors— Ease of Application, Pigment & Ingredients. One should definitely do their research on these three basic pointers before investing in an Eyeliner to avoid any mishaps.


Pencil kajal eyeliner comes with the lightest and dullest color pigment. It is perfect for people who prefer light and gentle eye makeup due to its soft colour intensity. It can define your eyes without making it obvious that you have any product, keeping it subtle and natural. If you are in a hurry or on the go, pick up a pencil eyeliner without any doubt to quickly add a touch to your eyes. Thus, pencils are the best suited for people, who are uncomfortable with the brush and prefer a stable applicator.

Pencil kajal gel or eyeliner can effortlessly work for your waterline and upper lash line, close to the eyelash roots. It creates a good base to apply your eyeliner quickly. That’s how you can cheat your way to a classic winged liner look by applying pencil eyeliner along the lash line, and then using liquid liner and concealer to neaten the edges. The liquid formulas can easily ruin your eye-makeup if you aren't accustomed to it, so it's better to go for a Pencil Kajal Eyeliner—Safest Option for a Beginner!


If you are a fan of graphic design and want a deepest black eyeliner then go for a liquid liner as it is the best when you want more room to show your makeup artistic skills. It is perfect for sharp and evidently visible eye-looks like Cat eye, Snatched Face, Graphic Eyeliner, Winged Eyes and many more. If you are pro at handling the brush, then you can create any eye-look you want! It’s ideal for oily eyelids because it doesn’t smudge like gel eyeliner and pencil kajal eyeliner.

Liquid eyeliners sit easily on the eyes and hence cannot be smoked out. It sets into a cakey finish, and is tough to smoke out without leaving bald patches. Liquid formulas are best for delicate and precise line work, especially flicks. If you’re uncomfortable or can't control the flexibility of the brush applicator then, it is good to draw an outline, especially the winged flick, and fill in the rest with a creamy or pen liner. You can also ideally use it as a top coat to add a highly pigmented eye look. With dip or liquid liners, you can control how much product you want to pick by scraping off the excess back into the bottle.

Liquid eyeliners should never be applied on the waterline as they have alcohol in it and can hurt your eyes too, making a mess out of your eye-look. It can be tough to work with if your hands are shaky or quivers a lot. It can get messy to clean up if you make a mistake, so you need to be right at the first shot or make sure to fix before it dries off. 


Gel Eyeliners are usually creamy in texture, making it easier to apply as it glides easily in the eyelash line and waterline both! It is a perfect in-betweener that features pigment of liquid eyeliner and hardness of a pencil liner along with its smooth consistency for a precise finish and easy application. Gel formulas have both the advantages of pencil and liquid eyeliner. They are good for beginners who struggle to draw wings with liquid liners and for makeup artists, who prefer smooth and dark pigment for easy application.

You can quickly mend up your mishaps with gel eyeliner as they don't set as fast as liquid eyeliners. It is more flexible and there's more room to fix your painting on the eyes. Due to its consistency, the colour doesn’t bleed out of the applicator like it does with liquid eyeliners. The strokes are easier to control and ensure less rubbing and tugging than pencils—-relief to your eyes! It can also fill in your bald patches on the lash line and also are perfect for a smokey eye look due to its pigment and consistency. It doesn't spread easily and is easier to blend with brushes.

Gel Eyeliners are the most versatile because they can be used for graphic, soft, and smokey eye looks.

Most makeup artists use gel eyeliners because it’s versatile and they can do a lot more than books. It can be easily smoked out for an intense evening party look or applied as a classic 90s winged liner. Few of you must have also used it as Eyebrow Filler or as a Kajal Gel as well. However, most gel eyeliners aren't that highly pigmented like the liquid eyeliners but we have secured one of the top picks — the Best Gel Eyeliner in India! Let's continue further to find your perfect match.

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Which is the Best Gel Eyeliner or Liquid Eyeliner?

To tweak your eye makeup, choose a Kajal Gel that complements your skin tone and eye color for a perfect look. It can paint your eyes, with its smooth consistency and highly pigmented formula to create dramatic or gothic eyes. Get yourself the revolutionary 3-in-1 Kajal Gel which is water-proof to last throughout the day. It’s a perfect middle-ground for looks where eyeliner is neither blurry nor stark. Also, it comes with two shades — brown & black to fulfill your needs for Eyebrow Makeup and a Defined Eye-Look.

Aegte 3D Kajal Gel can be used as a Kohl, Eyeliner and Eyebrow filler due to its dark pigment and Waterproof formula infused with vegan ingredients like Almond Oil & Biotin to provide all-around protection to your sensitive eyes. Having a smooth consistency, the Kajal Gel is easy to apply in just one stroke leaving a matte and darkest colour on your eyes. The colossal black can be used to sketch the eyes both in water and lash line while the brown shade is for thick and bushy eyebrows. Being paraben-free and cruelty-free in nature this 3-in-1 Kajal Gel is a BFF for lens wearers.

Aegte Lifescience
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