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The Many Uses of Display Boxes in Packaging

The Many Uses of Display Boxes in Packaging

 For packaging, there are many kinds of boxes to choose from, and this can be confusing to the average consumer. However, just like with most other products, the display box you choose should be determined by its uses and how it will fit in your marketing strategy. There are many different kinds of display boxes, each with its own advantages and disadvantages, but one thing remains true across the board: display boxes are an essential part of any successful packaging strategy.

Aesthetic Appeal

When you’re trying to come up with Corrugated Display Boxes for packaging, one of your top concerns should be how your product will look inside them. If a consumer is drawn to your display box, they’ll be more likely to buy it. For instance, if you’re selling an expensive set of headphones, you might want them sitting on an impressive stand or pillow. But if it's a pair of earrings or something else small and delicate, a beautiful box might convince a customer to make that impulse buy. No matter what type of products you sell, though, there are ways to use display boxes as effective packaging devices. As long as they’re eye-catching (in a good way), they could help increase sales and overall interest in your brand.

Space Saver

Whether you’re an art dealer looking to transport and sell artwork at shows, or just a retail store that needs to transport product from your warehouse to your storeroom, shipping and moving large pieces can be difficult. That’s where display boxes come in—these sturdy containers are designed specifically for shipping, so they can safely and securely hold items during transportation. Just be sure you know how much space is needed for whatever you’re planning on moving: Measure carefully before making your purchase. Most importantly, always check with whoever will be transporting your items—whether it's by boat or by plane—to make sure that these products are allowed on board. You don't want expensive sculptures arriving broken because they weren't packaged properly!

Versatile Storage

There’s a lot you can do with display boxes, and storage is an important one. It’s also a great way to encourage impulse buys; as people see your product on display, they may realize that it would be perfect for their needs! By keeping your packaging versatile, you give your potential customers multiple opportunities to learn about your products. This can only increase sales numbers.

Customizable Design

The flexibility of display boxes comes from customization. A company will be able to add their name or logo on a box for brand recognition. This is a great way to promote a product that may otherwise go unrecognized by potential buyers. The key is making sure that your business name and logo can be added to various sized boxes without taking away from their overall design. If you’re going to use custom display boxes, you’ll want them to look well-made and high-end so customers are not turned off by your branding efforts. Look for display boxes that have room on all sides for customization as well as professional looking logos and text so they aren’t tacky when displayed among other items.

Useful Tools (For Recipients/Senders/Both!)

It's a good idea to have a few different sizes on hand for shipping. Standard sizes are approximately 1 (2.5 cm) wide, 2 (5 cm) high and 8 to 9 (20 cm to 23 cm) long, but you should also include some smaller ones. If your packages are going to be opened by recipients, make sure they're extra sturdy so that they can be reused again and again. For example, use window glass or Plexiglas instead of regular paper or thin cardstock. Keep in mind that it may be hard for recipients to reuse heavier boxes if they'll need tape or staples!

Easy Assembly Section: Maximum Protection

If you’re shipping fragile or bulky items, then display boxes can provide maximum protection. The interior structure is incredibly sturdy and can safely hold multiple objects within a single box. Additionally, these boxes are constructed from thick cardboard so that they do not bend or bow under pressure (even when an object is placed inside). As a result, nothing will shift or move around during transportation. These containers are also stackable for easy storage once unpacked. Keep in mind that standard boxes have open tops, which means objects need to be wrapped to avoid damage during transit. However, many display boxes have closable lids to keep contents safe and secure; all you need to do is snap them shut! Some models even come with hinged doors, allowing for easier access than ever before.

Efficient Pricing Section: Green Benefits

One major benefit of using recycled and recycled-content Cardboard Countertop Display Boxes is that they can help reduce environmental damage. Recycling means reusing, which drastically reduce the demand for new material and thus saves on energy, natural resources and landfill space. Producing a box out of 100% recycled fiber requires less energy than producing a brand-new one with virgin fibers. This can result in both reduced greenhouse gas emissions and lowered water pollution levels. Additionally, some eco-friendly options may be free from certain chemical substances that cause great harm to humans, wildlife or ecosystems (e.g., formaldehyde). The bottom line: many companies choose recyclable packaging because it’s good for them (and their budgets) as well as for society at large!


When it comes to display boxes, there are several factors you should consider before making a purchase. For instance, if your products come in different sizes or shapes, look for one that offers flexibility. A container with multiple compartments is ideal because it allows you to store different products separately while keeping them organized at the same time. Another thing to think about is how much space you have at home—if your living area isn't very large, consider purchasing smaller packaging options instead of huge ones because they take up less room on your shelves and are easier to store away until needed again.


With all of these uses for display boxes and with manufacturers constantly innovating on new ways to improve upon display boxes, it’s easy to see why they are so popular with retailers. A well-made product will sell itself. The best thing you can do is package your product in a visually-appealing way that makes people want to buy it. If you have any questions about display boxes or retail packaging, contact us today! We would love to help your business succeed!


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