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8 Reasons to Visit Jersey, Channel Islands

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8 Reasons to Visit Jersey, Channel Islands

Jersey is amazing, do you really need any other reasons to visit it? Well, if you do, keep reading, because, in this post, I will tell you about 8 reasons to visit Jersey, Channel Islands.

Jersey is a great beach holiday destination

If you’re planning to go to Jersey in summer, it’s amazing, because you can swim. Jersey can incredible beaches and long coastlines and not that many people, so you can have a great vacation in a place that is far from overcrowded.

Jersey has an amazing history

History-buffs, beware! The history of Jersey is so complicated and interesting that you will spend hours exploring the museums and historical landmarks in Jersey. So if you’re interested in history, that would be one of the 10 main reasons to visit Jersey, Channel Islands.

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​Jersey is a place with fantastic photo locations

If you’re into photography, Jersey is the right place. There are so many beautiful landscapes that you won’t need much imagination and effort to take a beautiful shot. Jersey is gorgeous in any weather and any season. It has beautiful, and even storms are beautiful in Jersey

​Jersey is a paradise for walkers/hikers

If you like active holidays, Jersey is a spot for you! There are so many interesting hikes / walks you can take in Jersey with any fitness level. Whether you can only walk for 30 min or 430 minutes, there will be a route for you.

​Jersey is a great destination for family or friends breaks

Jersey, Jersey Island, Viewpoint

Imagine a villa with 3 big rooms, sauna, living room, outdoor jacuzzi and a huge garden some 20 min walking from the beach that is not going to break your bank and it just a 40-min flight/ferry ride away. Well, all that and more you can find in Jersey. We stayed at Les Ormes Resort (thanks to Visit Jersey), and I actually described the property just above in a couple of sentences. I just need to add that there are also tennis courts, swimming pools and plenty of water activities available in self-catering accommodations in Jersey! Family and friends breaks have never been so active, fun and entertaining!

Jersey is a destination for foodies

Jersey milk is famous in entire Europe (it’s fatter than the normal milk and tastes better), Jersey butter is famous all around the UK, and moreover, Jersey is so close to France and can offer the best of both countries: UK and France. Seafood is especially good in Jersey, and I absolutely loved the typical Jersey cider! Some restaurants to dine in Salty Dog and Les Ormes Brasserie – we were invited to both and liked them a lot. I’m sure you will like them too!

​You can practice your French without having to go to France

French (or Jerriais that is Norman French) used to be the main language in Jersey before, but since a couple of hundred years ago, it’s English. However, some streets are still names in Jerriais, and you can find about 2500 people, whose main language is Jerriais. However, French is also common in Jersey as Jersey is really close to France and there’s a lot of trade and tourism going on. So you can encounter a lot of people who can speak in French with you.

​You can perfectly come there for a weekend

And the last, but not least of the 8 reasons to visit Jersey is the fact that you don’t even need to take days off to visit Jersey. Jersey is just 40-45 minutes away by plane, so you can hop on a place on Friday after work and return on Sunday, and you will be able to see and explore a lot in Jersey.

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