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Ways to Feel at Home in Your Student Dorm Room

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One of the hardest things every student feels during their college days is definitely missing their home. They will be away from their home. During their school days, they wanted freedom and independence and would be excited to leave school and join college. They wanted their own dorm and wanted to live by their life rules. But after stepping out from home and after all the few days in the new place, they will start missing their own home. It is very customary, but they can not go back. They have a whole life ahead. Hence they have to make this new dorm their home. If you are with the Student living at Utah valley university, they ensure you feel at any cause. Let's see how to make your dorm better and feel at home.

Tips to Make Your Dorm Feel Home

Home is always where your heart is. Make your new dorm your home by following these little steps.

Know Your Dorm and Locality

What to know about a dorm? It is just four walls until you decorate and relocate there. But if you are not aware of the plug sockets and switches, then what is the point? And knowing your locality means getting to know the nearest supermarket, gas station, sandwich joint, and pharmacy. You should be aware of this in the early days. If not, you won't feel at home and still will be figuring out what and where.

Unpack and Arrange

Unpack your stuff in the new space. You will have a lot of things, clothes, books, soft toys, gadgets and so on. Once your clean and unpack, set your stuff accordingly. The place should be tidy and minimal. If you have many kinds of things, the dorm will become a store room if you have many things. Keep it minimalized, and know why you have it.

Personalize Your Space

The dorm is just a four-wall space if you don't make it personal. Get your favorite posters, mini lights, soft toys, family pictures, photo collages, music CDs, and comic books in this new space. Arrange them and make them look like just your room at home. It will be your first home. You cannot hate it. Take the best steps and make it your home.

Have Your New Friends Over

You will be away from your old friends, home and family. This new place will feel strange. Hence invite new friends. Try to hang out with them, and know their common interests. Create your new circle. With them, your space will feel less lonely and give you a good vibe.

Stay Online and Connected

The best thing about the new age is you will feel at home no matter where you are. But still, be connected with your family and friends. Make quick video calls now and then. Keep your Snapchat streak alive. Send selfies and pics of your dorm and engage with your friends.

Make your Bed

When you google for "Student housing near me,” you know you are going to live alone, but the best relationship you have will be with your bed. Make it cozy. Keep the warm lights and start journaling every day. You are living the best days. Make it memorable.


College days are the phase you will get to know more about yourself. Make sure you make a happy life for yourself. It will be your second house after home and your first step in seeking independence and tranquility.



Promenade Place
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