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How can I Design a Home Office that is Both Stylish and Functional?

Mohit Bansal Chandigarh
  How can I Design a Home Office that is Both Stylish and Functional?

In 2022 everything is about multitasking. It's all about balancing everything together. So now you don't have to choose functionality over style or vice versa, you could balance out. Even though covid cases have slowed down many companies have gone into a hybrid mode where they have given their employees an option to keep working from home. Many startups have emerged from various houses. And to cater to all those needs people are looking to build a home office which is stylish and appealable but at the same time, it is functional. So in this article Mohit Bansal, Chandigarh explains how your home office can be both stylish and functional -  

Make stylish storage

Who said that your storage should consist of just plain boxes or plain drawers? You can make your storage area stylish by bringing fancy baskets and building fancy drawers, and cabinets. Do not restrict yourself to metal or plain solid colours. Make your home office according to the vibe you have. If you love vibrancy go for vibrant colours and if you love subtle environments go for pastels and neutral colours. It is important to make sure that the storage you buy is more than enough to keep all your stuff in it and that you don't have much stuff hanging around your desk. 

Light your home office

Obviously, your home office needs to be illuminating for the long working nights. But rather than keeping a normal lamp you can jazz it up and experiment with the lights. You can have a chandelier hanging which will look elegant and at the same time provide you ample amount of time. You can have a yellow light, led light or even you can have neon light to have a great vibe at night. Although make sure that the light near your study table is not too harsh as it can affect your eyes. 

Put your walls to use 

You can make your wall your pinning board. What you can do is pin important papers, to-do lists or ideas which you brainstormed, so that it is right in front of your eyes also it will give a chich home office vibe and keep you motivated always. You can buy tape which easily sticks on walls. You can also have a huge pinning board on your wall if you don’t want to stick tape directly on your wall though there are wall tapes available in all stationery. 

Table for all your needs 

Searching for a desk like the one in that stylish office photo you saw on Instagram or Facebook? It's unlikely that you'll discover it in an office supply store. Consider browsing in the dining room section rather than looking for a real desk. Nowadays, a dining room table is frequently used as a workstation, not only because it looks significantly less corporate, but also because of the additional space, it will provide. Also, your home office should be comfy rather than being all corporate. 

Your office should have space 

Even though the space you have for work may not be particularly large, make use of it. It may be more advantageous than you think to give yourself a large work surface. If you multitask, having greater space might make transitions simpler while still making you appear stylish. 

Comfort is the priority 

Naturally, you desire a nice-looking office, but you also require one that will make you feel wonderful. One of the most crucial things for your office is a task chair that is adjustable. Our health is affected over the long term by the support, height, and viewing angles appropriate for typing and using screens. If you invest in the correct office chair, unpleasantries like chronic discomfort, carpal tunnel syndrome, and back and neck pain can be completely avoided. Another thing which you can look after is the height of your table make sure that it is not so down that you have to bend and not too tall that you have to sit straight always. 

Add some show pieces 

To make your home office stylish you can add some show pieces, but while doing this you can make sure that some of those show pieces can be useful. Such as bring a pen holder which can be an indoor plant holder as well. 

So here were some of the ideas which you can use while building a home office. This will definitely enhance both style and functionality of your home office. 

Mohit Bansal Chandigarh
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